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  1. cliveyboy8

    Where from & what do you do for a living !

    Rectal Thermometer tester for Johnson & Johnson. Pratts Bottom !
  2. cliveyboy8

    unable to change scale on the Navi maps

    From what you say it sounds as if the shaft of the control knob has broken. Have a look at these two YouTube videos. I had exactly the same problem and repaired it successfully.
  3. cliveyboy8

    New Toy

    Looks good. What wheel stand is that attached to?
  4. cliveyboy8


    No. W204 320CDi 2008.
  5. cliveyboy8

    Care to guess?

  6. cliveyboy8

    Common w204 fault??

    Yes, the same video I posted in post 10!
  7. cliveyboy8

    Common w204 fault??

    As others have said it is a common problem but one which Mercedes don't care about and will charge you for sorting it out. This is a very easy fix and is described in the vid below.
  8. cliveyboy8

    W210 E55 North Berwick

    No. Not mine!
  9. cliveyboy8

    Mercedes service cost, worth it?

    Service books can be faked. If you have the invoices for each service it is better than having a service book when selling. I took my W204 to an Indie after the MB warranty ran out. £1100 for a service is extortionate. Get yourself a good Indie near to you and take out breakdown cover...
  10. cliveyboy8

    Comand joystick

    Yes, mine went on my W204. Easy job to repair after watching the YouTube videos but don't use superglue use araldite. I strengthened mine with wire from a paper clip and is still ok. I'd be interested if you could post up a link to the 3D printed shafts from Germany.
  11. cliveyboy8

    W205 C Class. 12 things that have left me wanting

    Can you explain why you are worried about mis-fuelling a petrol car?
  12. cliveyboy8

    QUIZ to see who knows this part ..

    Ejector seat catch.
  13. cliveyboy8

    DVD system

    I think a more sensible question is: Why would you want to watch a DVD while driving?
  14. cliveyboy8

    Internal Lighting

    No there us no illumination of the switch. Same on most Mercedes.
  15. cliveyboy8

    Name a film you have watched at least….

    The Italian Job Ronin Rush Closer to the Edge Le Mans Grand Prix
  16. cliveyboy8

    Top Gear Auditions to seek Co-Hosts

    Here we go again. Not another Top Gear thread.
  17. cliveyboy8

    My knob is broken

    Yes, sorry I was going to add this to my post. Glad you got it sorted. I asked my Indy for a price on the whole assembly and it came to about £250 so a big bill saved.
  18. cliveyboy8

    My knob is broken

    I had exactly the same problem with my knob !! I found these videos on YouTube and after warching them took the part out. I was then able to dismantle it and repair it as per the second video and worked a treat. If, as you say, you could repair a watch this will be easy. Good luck.
  19. cliveyboy8

    W221 wiper blades

    Don't forget to degrease your windscreen and clean properly which is probably why your wipers are juddering anyway.
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