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  1. GMW

    AMG visit today

    I went to the AMG factory but only saw them driving the GT's away. Going somewhere abroad. It was sad but at least I got to see the engine up close with the cut away they had in the showroom. The rest of the cars are as per your pictures plus a nice GLA45 next to the new 4.0 Bi-Turbo GT engine.
  2. GMW

    AMG visit today

    Thanks for the write up and pictures. I plan on visiting the AMG factory on Monday. I hope they let me sit in the AMG GT and start it up or at least hear it.
  3. GMW

    ML63 AMG Now Purchased

    Congratulations Finally got some time to check back on this site and found out you have bought the ML63! Congratulations!! I hope you enjoy it! :D As for the wood trim, the dark burr walnut is very nice and should cost much less than an AMG special conversion too. If the alcantara trim...
  4. GMW

    Any ML63 experiences?

    I currently drive a 2013 ML63 AMG with the Performance Package. I had a C63 AMG before just to keep things in perspective. Overall, the ML63 is an excellent daily driver (though don't expect amazing fuel consumption as with heavy traffic I am averaging about 5km per litre....that said I have a...
  5. GMW

    M156 vs m157 amg engines c63 e63 amg

    Having driven the C63 before the new M157 is a torque monster! I've already gotten all 4 wheels to spin in the an ML! Lol!! Different engines but for the ML the M157 is more suited. The M156 was a perfect fit to the C63! At the end of the day they are different animals but I must say...
  6. GMW

    G350 opinions please

    In terms of boot space the G is bigger than any ML but in terms of cabin space (aside from roof height) the new ML is more spacious. In terms of serious offroad capability almost nothing beats 3 locking diffs in any G. In terms of driving in a very potholed road for miles on end...same as...
  7. GMW

    Is this true? Re C63

    The designo nappa leather is fitted on the production line so no cars are sent to AMG for that work. However, I do believe the base leather is always black, unless otherwise selected, on the ordering list then designo is an additional code. I saw a C63 on the production line last year when I...
  8. GMW

    new e63 ordered. what colour shall I get

    That E63's colour is tenorite grey. :-)
  9. GMW

    W222 - new s class totally revealed

    I had a chance earlier this week to sit in one of the new pre production S-classes and the interior blew me away! Truly first class! The LED ambient lighting was just amazing giving a real sense of first class ambience. The seats are soo comfortable! It really is a leap beyond what the 221...
  10. GMW

    New 2014 S-class!!!

    Visit the link below for the pictures! Looks great!!:D BREAKING: 2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class completely uncovered plus official interior photos
  11. GMW

    Whats your thoughts on the new Range Rover?

    I have mixed emotions on them. I want to like it fully but something inside me keeps holding me back. That said, I like it's looks, inside and outside, more than the old one. The design is nice but surprisingly still similar to the previous version, making it not stand out too much as a new...
  12. GMW

    Fingered this on Friday. CLA

    Looks nice! I am very keen to see the CLA45 AMG.
  13. GMW

    Proper pictures of the new girl.

    Nice car and color combo! You have made the 18inch wheels look real nice! WOW!
  14. GMW

    Yeah, C63 AMG on order

    Yeah, your rear tires! You'll be going through them every 6,000 miles or so. :rock:
  15. GMW

    new E class : where's my USB?

    Congratulations on the new car. Media interface is only possible/available starting with audio 20 with the 6 disc changer. It's not possible with the Single disc Audio 20 version.
  16. GMW

    Clutch destroyed after 200 miles - Warranty refused!

    That is odd, possible to do, but odd. To be honest, even if your wife did somehow ride the clutch till it gave up the ghost, the dealer would have considered the customer loyalty angle and ensured you got a replacement with a huge discount or even for free depending on who good a customer you...
  17. GMW

    Does anyone have pics of new ML63 almond beige interior?

    Does anyone have real life pictures of the new ML63 AMG with the full almond beige interior? This is the one interior color I have not seen in real life nor have I seen any real life pictures of it anywhere. Thanks in advance. :)
  18. GMW

    **g wagon - deposit paid - what do you all think please?!**

    Hey that's the G class that was in wheelers and dealers tv show earlier this year! I recognize the facelift they gave it. Should be in good condition I would guess.
  19. GMW

    2012 C Class Crash Test Video

    Wow, The volvo's alloy rim just got ripped off. So does that mean the manufacturers now have to design weaker alloy rims so they break on impact so as not to intrude in the passenger cabin? Would this then mean that even the smallest pothole would require a rim replacement or even worse, does it...
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