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    SRS Fault on ML

    Thanks Henry Thats what indie guy suggested definitely the cheaper option Remember when we didnt need seatbelts No mention of SRS, Airbags etc Just pull the seatbelt tighter Cheers
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    SRS Fault on ML

    Anybody had the SRS airbag control module replaced My 2003 ML has this fault took to indie and have been quoted £535 to have replaced,including programming and labour. Is this reasonable for Glasgow/Stirling area. Been on Star machine to reset but no use so replacement only cure and...
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    Battery Dead or NOT?

    Thanks Mate of mine who is local mechanic came over with Booster pack and got it started He laughed when I told him we tried to jump start it from the wee Toyota. Advised to put it on charger.Discovered the tailgate light drained battery as hadnt been closed properly OOPS Didnt tell the wife...
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    Battery Dead or NOT?

    Wonder if anyone has any other ideas Tried to start my ML500 tonight to go and pickup kids from school Hasnt been used since Friday and was working fine Tried to jump start from my neighbours small toyota but although bringing up dashboard lights and headlamps still wouldnt crank over. Put...
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    Just Read The Description...

    Are all the guys on here who's missus has a sat nav in their car going to make the pretext of valeting her motor this weekend LOL Just a thought As Corporal Jones used to say DONT PANIC :)
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    The Doctor is In

    Welcome doc from across the water :thumb:
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    Good luck with ongoing treatments Will be saying a wee special prayer for you Donny :thumb:
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    Magical Disappearing Screenwash

    Had the same problem on my ML last year traced it to faulty Headlamp washer jet on nearside .Was a pain in the ars+ to find. Worth looking for if you have them fitted Cheers Donny
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    New car tomorrow.

    Cant wait to see the pics Will watch out for you once its on the road Good luck Donny :thumb:
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    It's here my new C350 CDI :)

    Beautiful looking car One lucky guy Drive carefully :thumb:
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    Cars - they represent excellent value for money

    I built my Conservatory for £6500 was quoted £8900 for Blinds for it by the Blinds company starting with an S who are the Rolls royce of Blinds Sales guy Turned up in souped up Mitsubishi and stayed for 3 hours. One year ago bought my ML for 7.5k and fitted blinds myself with money I saved...
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    The next new member

    Lovely car Mike:thumb: Welcome to the forum
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    Yet another newbie!

    Welcome to the forum :thumb:
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    Man killed for his CLK

    Absolute scum bags !!!!!! Cameron and MIlliband all talk about dealing with crime but their Silence is deafening My wife works shifts and thankfully our ML self locks as she comes home through some dodgy bits of Glasgow Keep impressing on her not to be distracted. Thoughts and prayers are...
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    Quick stop

    That new extension has made some difference to the traffic on the Kingston Bridge now Left Erskine today and got to other site in Cumbernauld in less than 1/2 hour. I know the bit you nearly came to grief at as used to travel that way for a while Its easy to get distracted there due to volume of...
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    C63 AMG has arrived...

    Lovely looking car Even my wife who is not usually interested in cars commented all good of course Enjoy Donny :D
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    Hello all

    Welcome to the forum Dave Nice choice :thumb:
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    ML's and Snow

    I got my ML last Oct and during the winter we had last year it was great. Am getting a set of Continentals fitted this week for its MOT so wont bother with winter tyres.Wife likes driving from safety and visibility and isnt put off by discerning views from MCP,,,,,,,,,s Am starting new job...
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    Sl320 1997???

    Welcome to the Forum maybe see you on the road Cheers Donny:thumb:
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    New Member just bought 2006 E63

    Hi and welcome to the forum Donny
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