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  1. Ricky16

    2010 c63 amg valuation

    Morning all was looking for some help on getting a decent valuation for my car it's a 2010 palladium grey c63 with 38000 on clock eurocharged remap quaife LSD running on 18inch wheels immaculate car with 3 stamps over the due services all work done at msl new pads and decent tyre tread any help...
  2. Ricky16

    My c63 weistec stage3 at MSL

    I'm considering a gearbox map any 1 have a idea of cost at all
  3. Ricky16

    C63 Dyno Run before after

    I've got the same set up as you and made a little more 528 I believe since had the cats delete and the sound is unreal use the paddles on the down shift
  4. Ricky16

    What private/ personal number plate have got

    RW10BYE I get a lot of comments on it as I'm sure a lot of others do
  5. Ricky16

    Acid msl?

    I was with him Thursday for about 30 mins personally I don't know how he does it I'd launch my phone if I was him by now
  6. Ricky16

    Anybody can find me a c63 507 bonnet ?

    I'm sure msl have 1 in stock could of swore I seen it on there eBay page
  7. Ricky16

    Mercedes C63 Running Costs and Fuel

    I get 130-150 per tank town driving I went through a set of rears in 3k miles and I have 3500 miles on my new set I can't help but drive it like I stole it every where it's that right pedal I swear it begs me to hit it every time I drive her
  8. Ricky16

    New C63 Owner

    Worth getting it remapped to unleash its true potential the gains for the money are so worth it
  9. Ricky16

    Carbon parts and HRE Wheels for C63 sale

    Interested in the diffuser and spoiler
  10. Ricky16

    Matt black c63

    That's not as bad as I originally thought
  11. Ricky16

    Matt black c63

    What sort of price u looking at for a wrap
  12. Ricky16

    Top speed

    What is the top speed on a c63 remapped if there was a long enough straight not that I'd ever do the speed but I'm very curious
  13. Ricky16

    MSL Performance Big April SALE !!!!!!!!

    Knew I should of waited a week for my lsd. It was great value at £1500 if you have ever questioned whether to get 1 stop ring acid and book in
  14. Ricky16

    Msl lsd

    On a lane run I do quite often I found I could boot it out of corners a lot quicker with more confidence seems to grip better on launch but noticed the front end now needs keeping in toe
  15. Ricky16

    Msl lsd

    That car is gorgeous and the engine was back in it that right there sir is something I wana see when completed
  16. Ricky16

    Msl lsd

    Just had my lsd fitted at Msl and again can't compliment the service enough despite acid and sarim not being there still received the same standard of hospitality can't compliment the team enough
  17. Ricky16

    C63PPP vs C63 tuned

    I've got the same palladium silver black leather eurocharged map quaife LSD and secondary cat delete it's unreal you won't regret buying 1 whatever way u do it personally I'd go non pp
  18. Ricky16

    C63 DeCAT in Midlands Anyone?

    I'm live in atherstone so not far away drop me a email if u wanna pop over any time
  19. Ricky16

    C63 DeCAT in Midlands Anyone?

    Where u from pal
  20. Ricky16

    Too many miles. Not enough fuel !!

    Yeah serious typo there my bad
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