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  1. iansclk

    18" CLK wheels -To buy or not to buy?

    my clk200 sport has 18,s fitted and the ride is great, a vast improvement over my old is200 on 17,s.
  2. iansclk

    New member from Herts

    Welcome, ive only been a member a few days myself, very helpful site with friendly members,
  3. iansclk

    heater blowers hardly any flow.

    Many thanks to everyone who replied will give it a go.:thumb:
  4. iansclk

    How many MB members in E midlands ?

    im from chesterfield.
  5. iansclk

    heater blowers hardly any flow.

    The blower in my clk 200 doesnt seem to have much puff,even when the fan is on number 5 still seams weak. Is there a filter or something that needs changing? If so where would i find it?
  6. iansclk

    just a quickie...ooer

    Thanks for the welcome people,better get some posting done...:bannana:
  7. iansclk

    clk 200 timing chain

    Just picked car up today,my question is does it have a chain or belt and also how often does it need changing? cheers peeps
  8. iansclk

    just a quickie...ooer

    will do, clay and polish out first though.:)
  9. iansclk

    just a quickie...ooer

    clk200 mate.its a year older than the lexus but it has done 11k less miles, so far i do prefer the clk. No rattles or squeaks and better mpg.
  10. iansclk

    just a quickie...ooer

    Just dropping in to say hello to everyone, im in chesterfield derbyshire and just got my first merc.hope ive done the right thing? traded up from a lexus is200.
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