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    Rear parcel shelf-structual rigidity. 12" subs.

    LOUD is for knobs and immature boys with small penises. Your driving a Mercedes for Christ's sake. Quality over quantity my friend. ;)
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    Advice on Harmon Kardon...what do YOU think of it?

    I used to make a lot of my own speakers. Cabinets, crossovers etc. And think I know where your coming from. You can easily get some sound sampling software, where you can feed in known signals either from a sig gen or audio test cd and 'sample' the response. I think from your description and...
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    Turning off the limp/safety mode on my E220D?

    Wouldnt filling the oil back up before turning on ignition again help. Just a thought.
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    really struggling with this one

    Did they even have insurance on the van?
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    Tv channels will be lost going digital ??

    Same but cheaper Shop ? blacksilvertech: Search results for.
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    Leather Interior 'kits'

    Lets see some pictures then. :bannana: Here's a couple more of mine I took at the weekend. (also have same prob with headrests not dropping, but I've had issues with rear sam still ongoing and put it down to that)
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    Leather Interior 'kits'

    Mate YOU CANT! Thats tough plastic. You would need an industrial sewing machine. If they are missing - send it back
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    Leather Interior 'kits'

    Looks like a result then. Mine look great and smell good too. (Wish I could drive the damn car) I'm pleased with mine. Have a new phone + cam so will take some better pics at the weekend. Thing I had the worst trouble with was the fold down arm rest - back seat. What a nightmare. Those same...
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    Hand Scanner - MaxiDiag EU702

    I was quoted the 702 being the only one able to do my srs and other stuff from autotec direct. The sales guy offered me 10% off, but still a lot . Mind, just paid nearly fifty to an indy who told me less than I already new with auto logic (star) equivalent.
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    To scrap or not to scrap

    Aside from the car, and your probably not seeing this your brother sounds like a spoilt lazy self centered little .... I only say this because I am having nightmares with one of my own. You do everything for them and they sit back and let you. Trust me, any car is not worth the hassle. I'm now...
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    Leather Interior 'kits'

    You have to take out the WIRE off your old seat cover, and slide it in to the little sleeve of the new seat cover - same place. Do this all the way round and even the centre sections where you want the 'pulled in' look. The clips then go through the sponge and clip to the same wire. You will...
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    **URGENT** help needed again please.

    thank you for replying. Already read through that on the american site. Unbelievable! My problem is not realy knowing what bit does what. I appreciate from reading that link and similar posts it could be the rear sam. But just been told on the other forum it may be the front now. Gets worse And...
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    **URGENT** help needed again please.

    Hi After another three week delay waiting for parts etc, now have an MOT for tomorrow (Sunday) and discovered I have no rear lights. Well actually no rear anything BUT lights. No indicators, No reverse lights, No Brake lights (even the center one). Though the normal rear lights are coming on...
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    An unmarked cop got me

    I think you'll find MORE people die and injured from Booze related than from road injuries. An interesting 'statistic' would be to compare what is spent on road saftey in comparison to booze advertising.
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    Leather Interior 'kits'

    Guys, dont know who's got what car but the same firm / guy is selling another batch on ebay. Here's one link to the same set I got. There's plenty more, at least you'll have the details and chance to browse 'sellers other items' Mercedes C Class (W203) saloon 04MY Leather Kit New on eBay (end...
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    Will these wheels fit my 203?

    Not surprising. They're always in my local breakers buying up all the best bits.
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    Looking for a C180 W203 advice needed

    Just go over it with a hose or jet wash in all the cracks and crevices. I've spent last six months slowly repairing one and seen and learnt a lot. Where I've had various inner panels out etc. I've noticed quite poor design in many areas. Just the other night doing my aftermarket rear sensors...
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    Anyone ever sold a car on ebay?

    I bought one for my bro, local no hassle, still running. Good to get the word out.
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    Smelly Air Con

    BBC NEWS | England | Cumbria | Bug death council worker cleared Makes you sick !
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    Smelly Air Con

    There has been many cases. The biggest was thanks to a women (had to be) in charge of maintenance at a council run sports centre. She was actually an architect. She thought she'd save a few quid and neglected to renew contract for ac maintenance. :( That incident killed several people from...
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