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    Various kitchen questions

    Just seen this thread, what are you're thoughts on B&Q cookie and lewis range? They are having a sale on at the moment.
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    s210 rear shocks absorbers

    Car failed its mot on leaking rear shocks but when I saw the price £285 :eek: :crazy:wow the price for each corner! Got a pair from ECP but are they really that expensive even when the car is what 14 yeras old..... I love the car and it's the 1st time i had to dish out money on it in 4 years...
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    w210 front washer

    Got to the bottom of this and got my fingers dirty... i opened up bonnet and checked the reservoir and everything looked fine all the pipe where ok, no leaking and every things secure... i then took the plastic holdings of the under side of the bonnet and looked into where the pipes were going...
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    w210 front washer

    Yes I have water in there. The pump is working but little light no pressure of water coming out
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    w210 front washer

    Hey guys I don't seem to see water coming out of my front washers, I thought at 1st thought it may be because of the frozen mornings but this has never been effected in the past. I can hear the pump working i don't believe its blocked as when i lift the bonnet and then press the washer i can...
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    S210 Mercedes Pulling to the left

    thanks guys, the link was a good read.. the symptoms discussed are all i have felt chesham is the closest might have to track down there i guess.. what does it cost to get this resolved? any ideas of prices?
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    S210 Mercedes Pulling to the left

    Recently I have noticed that the car pulls to the left at 1st I thought it maybe down to the tyres so had the front set replaced and balanced but it still doing the same.... I feel the the steering pull to the left and when driving straight the steering is off-centre position could it be...
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    ok update and i believe it has been solved, not sure how to put the "solved" word in the tile but i have now had a new fuel pump fitted and so far for the last 3 days it has been fine and starting up expected both in cold and hot start ups
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    Mobile car-audio fitters

    i was going to use these guys as they gave a very good quote for my parking sensor fitting but in the end didn't go ahead with the parking sensors, they pretty much travel all over UK.. give them a a try and see what they say Car stereo installation, in car entertainment fitting, home...
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    Vibration 18´s on w211 can´t figure it out!

    I'd go with the as the same happened to be, perfectly good tyres but a bulge only a little one but enough to cause a vibration at high speeds
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    the AA guy did check the relay I think he tested to hear clicking sound, which he did, so he said its not the relay, tried with another relay from another part of the car still no go. so he hit the pump with a hammer (probably sticking) and it turned..
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    30% off Odeon cinema tickets voucher.

    nice one, there seems to be a lot of exclusions in the clause
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    update.............. changed the CPS and it seemed to work fine a day until tonight when it did the same thing called the AA guy who came 2 hours later and while he was checking for known areas to look i told him i can not hear the fuel pump, so he then checked it out and was saying that the...
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    the 1st time it happened was when I started up from cold, drove to work parked in the underground car park 9am and then after work at 4pm it didn't start. The underground car park is normally warm, even the AA guy said it was like a sauna. the second time it happened was when the car had been...
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    W210 E240 cranking but not starting

    Hi people I am in a bit of a bother here 1) car is cranking but not starting 2) electric windows and indicators randomly not working. I tried searching the forum but not sure on where to get started. 1) engine is cranking but not starting this happened for the 1st time on Friday night...
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    W210 320 CDI Exhaust

    check you exhaust brackets they may have rusted off and maybe knocking / rattling
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    Cheap wheels

    have you tried classified ads like gumtree, loot?
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    Samsung Galaxy S3

    looking to buy one, sim free and unlocked preferable but on T-mobile/Orange will be fine.. so if anyone has one for sale please get in contact
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    Invisible Mercedes

    that's cool
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    At what fuel price would you consider a more fuel efficient car?

    I already have > LPG great saving for me already
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