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  1. Aibonator

    C63s coupe Personal/buisness lease

    Did the same for PCP finance as well trawled the internet for the best PCP deal I could find from independents, took it to the MB dealer and they matched it and knocked off anothe .3%.
  2. Aibonator

    C63s coupe Personal/buisness lease

    I used buyacar 5 months ago on my C63s to get a great quote. I then just found a local MB dealer that would match the quote. They did and still took a couple of hundred off.
  3. Aibonator

    C63S AMG Coupe Spec /Advice - TIA!

    I've done 5 hours without issue. Being tall I usually sit all the way back and have the seat reclines somewhat for greater space. But I've found it much more comfortouble in the 63 to sit closer to the wheel and more upright. Much like racing drivers.
  4. Aibonator

    C63S AMG Coupe Spec /Advice - TIA!

    2 weeks in the dash started to rattle, like a small metal vibration. Nail the car - rattle went away. Not come back since. There is a dealer fix for it I believe if you get it and it doesn't go away. Search this forum, I read it on here. All minor stuff. No car is perfect regardless of price in...
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    C63S AMG Coupe Spec /Advice - TIA!

    Premium Pack is a must for panaramic roof and keyless go. I didn't go for the night pack as thought the chrome on white looked better. So I added the privacy glass instead. Heads up display is one of the best options I've had on a car. Well worth it IMO. As said before seats are perfect and...
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    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    Yes mate. The AMG bucket seats with integrated head rest.
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    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    I'm 6'5 with boots on and 17st. Plenty of room in the saloon. Seats are perfect. its my daily car, school runs, work etc. 4 months in I have zero regrets. If I could point out some area of improvements though: 1. £71k and no heated front window. Unless I can't find the button, this is...
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    Picked up new Coupe (pic heavy)

    I have the standard C63s saloon model. Does anyone know if you can get the rear bottom and front bumper sides black aero tweaks to retro fit. I've seen them in carbon fibre but not willing to pay £750 for them. Like the gloss black one in this one. Looks ace.
  9. Aibonator

    Dash cams which to go for....?

    There are numerous threads on this one. I have a BlackVue DR650-2CH with front and rear connected by a PowerMagif Pro. Excellent image, easy to fit, and semi-discrete. Cloud software works well as does the iPhone apps. BlackVue support does not exist if you don't buy it from Got...
  10. Aibonator

    All C43 AMG owners - What shall I do?

    Yeah have the 2016 version. Didn't tell the dealer. Should I register it as a problem with them?
  11. Aibonator

    All C43 AMG owners - What shall I do?

    My C63s does it at very low speeds on full lock. I don't see the issue to be honest on my car at least. The alternative for me was an M3. Would I swap the 63 with Skipping for an M3 without it? No. Fair point about the additional wear and tear though, hadn't thought of that.
  12. Aibonator

    Target price on C63

    Carwow didn't offer a great deal on my C63s. I used buyAcar for the quote and hen pushed the local dealer to beat it. I was happy. Here's the post for interest: Also to note if financing on a PCP the residuals on the...
  13. Aibonator

    Stone chips

    I'm based in Nottingham. Looking for a good Chips away type company to touch up a couple of stone chips on my 3 month old C63s AMG. Tried Paint Techniqs in the past on the wives car as well as chipsaway and not happy with the finish. Any ideas? Thanks.
  14. Aibonator

    Race Start?

    On the AMG Driving day the fastest starts were without the launch control. Progressive acceleration won the day over too much wheel spin and traction control. Still good fun though either way.
  15. Aibonator

    C63s W205 Cluncky Manual Gears

    When it's cold and in manual gears either in comfort or sports+ the gear changes are smooth. After a while when the engine warms up the third to forth gear is really clunky. Feels like it's being slammed in and the car jolts forward slightly. Switch back to auto and it's smoothly through all the...
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    New C63s coupe

    On my C63s added the Premium pack which as SamBam says is a must for what you get (panaramic room, keyless go etc.), heads up display I could not live without these days - it's just brilliant, also go for a premium interior like the carbon or black ash. If you stick to the piano black stock...
  17. Aibonator

    Used Ftype V8 R or New C63S Coupe

  18. Aibonator

    Used Ftype V8 R or New C63S Coupe

    Neither is a bad choice :) I drive both when considering and opted for the C63s. At 6ft 4" it was just a nicer cabin to be in. Turned out to be irrelevant in the end because the kids didn't fit in the back so we went for the C63s Saloon in the end and Jag didn't have an alternative. I would...
  19. Aibonator

    Thinking of buying this C63s - thoughts on the car & dealer

    Other than the air balance it's the same car as mine bought from new two months ago. I paid £10k more from a Merc dealer. Pictures are on the Album links under C63s White Knight.
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