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    Anyone fitted a 320 turbo on a ML270 W163?

    Some more info on this idea, links as well would be nice. Very interesting but I've googled and found nothing :(
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    Do you indicate on roundabout?

    LOL, typical answer, now go and ask a traffic officer if they think indicators are needed or even should be use when joining a main road/dual carriageway/motorway from a slip road, even if joining flowing traffic :)
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    Do you indicate on roundabout?

    Only ever use my indicators if I feel their use will give USEFUL information to another driver about my plans. Rather than roundabouts, what is it with everyone indicating when on a slip road joining a main road/dual carriageway/motorway? I mean its a one way road, almost always no other exit...
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    1st 'MOP' Polisher - Meguiars G220 V2

    First off MWCLS, my deepest apologies, some how I clicked and replied to you when I meant to reply to gunning's post, sorry for my mistake :( Sorry not related as far as I know to junkman, who is he? I totally agree Menzerna is oily but as we both know finding a product that we get on with...
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    1st 'MOP' Polisher - Meguiars G220 V2

    Sorry but you have zero idea on swirl removal if you think that. Yes a rotary will clear swirls faster, however you can quite easily remove 100% of swirls with a DA polisher, its not about the machine but the compounds used and how they are worked. BMW and Merc use Ceramiclear, its ultra...
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    Buying options - Best way to avoid depreciation over 2/3 years

    Sorry never bothered to think about depreciation, not something that takes my mind. Rather I look at initial cost, monthly payments and service costs. Final sale price doesn't come in to it, its a car, get from A to B with some comfort and safety for my wife and kids. I run an old ML270...
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    Buying options - Best way to avoid depreciation over 2/3 years

    PCP on older cars is not an issue at all, find a local Asset Finance company and they can find you deals on anything and almost any age too, normally Asset Finance companies like to do PCP's on cars that at the end of term are 7 years or less in age. Dealers will almost always only offer PCP on...
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    Money No Object... Which Mercedes?

    If money was no object I wouldn't be buying a Merc
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    203 coupe and HID's.

    Personally I really don't give a flying F what people think about should I or should I not fit HID, I do what I like, if my car or bike fails an MOT due to them fitted then I'll consider changing my ways. There are far too many other major issues on the road to make wrong lights a big concern...
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    203 coupe and HID's.

    Thats very odd, as I've retro fitted probably over 30 cars and motorbikes with HID, not one has had headlight washers, self leveling and NONE have dazzled, all have had alignment set on MOT testers HL alignment equipment all HAVE passed subsequent MOT's and have also when pulled over for...
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    Check Your MOT Site - Gov Site

    Mine checked out, interesting that several advisories for having sill covers and also undertray, given they are factory fit and merc dealer did all tests
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    Cameras - What's your poision

    Here's a couple, Osprey was taken in mid June this year, just before 4am and it was a chilling -3 :( Osprey with a fish, 4am mid June 2015 and its -3 Celsius by Gary Funnell, on Flickr Female barn owl, taken seconds before it landed within a foot of me and sat preening for over 5 mins...
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    Window seals & black marks

    If you're sure its rubber marks and not dirt that accumulates and runs down then the rubber is drying out, try (and yes this might sound silly) smooth peanut butter, wiped all over the rubber, left for 5 mins and then wiped off with another cloth will work wonders. Was using it for all rubber...
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    Cameras - What's your poision

    Bodies: Nikon D4s, D810, D7200, D300 and D3200 Lenses: Sigma 150-600 Sport lens Nikon 300mm f2.8 Nikon 70-300 VR Sigma 105mm Macro Tamron 19-35mm Main reason I bought my ML was to allow me to get back into the hills round the Highlands in Feb when there is snow on the ground so I can get out...
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    W163 electric folding mirrors

    My 03 plate ML 270 has electric folding mirrors, I'm also guessing they are heated, but I'm not sure they are working on the heating side as all cars I've had in the past the mirror heaters work when I switch on the rear screen demister, other than stripping all the mirrors down is there a...
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    Wax newbie but want to advance!

    After many years as a professional detailer, (no longer in the business now) working on all makes and models from the humble mini upto car collections of Lambos, Ferrari's and Veyrons plus many many ultra specials. Being Swissvax approved as well as associations with other companies, the main...
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    Sat nav options on w163 - non factory units)

    Thanks for that Alfie, I'd worked out that I would need to either replace the amp with something better suited or change out the speakers to get some 4ohm ones, as I only really use the stereo for the radio and then never too loud (wrong side of 50) my gut is swaying to the speakers and forget...
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    Sat nav options on w163 - non factory units)

    Having just bought a ML270 Inspiration I miss the built in sat nav systems on my other cars. I know there is a route with buying the command unit and having the factory system, however its so backwards compared to Tomtom/Garmin systems that I don't want the factory unit. Here is the...
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    Hi from Norwich

    Hi all I'm Gary and live in Norwich, yep I know back and beyond :) Anyway fingers crossed I'm getting an old W163 ML270 Inspiration in the next week, I'd have loved to buy a newer one but I need something to get me round the roads in the Highlands this winter for my photography hobby and an...
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