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  1. dyver

    R230 headlight replacement

    Hi all, my R230 drivers side dipped beam appears a slightly less white shade in comparison to the nearside beam, I presume it’s the bixenon bulb about to give up the ghost. Does anyone know of an easy ish way to replace the bulb as the space available is tighter than the proverbial ducks butt...
  2. dyver

    Stuck in park unable to put in gear think it’s the plastic lever

    Hi I can hear the solenoid activating, I’ve just managed to get it into neutral and left it with the park break on so at least I can drive it to the indies ne t week, have bitten the bullet and ordered a new gear selector, same thing happened to my S class
  3. dyver

    Stuck in park unable to put in gear think it’s the plastic lever

    Starting to have trouble with the car being stuck in park and unable to move the gear selector in to drive, has anyone had experience with the after market part from mono global in Oz? Have seen a similar part from a UK company but it doesn’t look as good ( maybe it’s because the Oz one is shiny...
  4. dyver

    2008 sl500

    Sorry not many details, the old man has been offered a 2008 sl500, 44k miles for what appears to be a bit of a silly price, what price would be reasonable for this age sl, unable to provide spec details at the mo but apparently has a tv tuner so would presume fairly well spec'd. Thanks dyver :D
  5. dyver

    irate coppers

    Forget the normal sticky pads, use some heavy duty velcro, have done on mine, the plate would take paint with it if needed to be removed !
  6. dyver

    MBS a big thanks

    Hopefully I'm posting this in the right area, if not then i'm sure a mod will move it. Anyway this a a thread just to say a MAHOOOSIVE Thank you to Dave and Colin at MBS in Southampton for doing such a freindly, knowledgeable and generally brilliant job on my precious. The story goes, had taken...
  7. dyver

    100,000 miles

    My s320 is about to clock 150k miles tomorrow will post
  8. dyver

    Unlock iphone 3G

    Hi All All our phone sover here are unlocked so if anyone wants a new one, drop me a line and we can see what we can do.
  9. dyver

    Shipping cars.....

    To get out me thinks
  10. dyver

    English law sucks!

    Over on the rock, we have a 10% down on offer system, if you pull out then you lose your 10% and if you want to gazzump you have to find an extra 10% to cover the sellers fees. Sorts out the wheat from the chaff no problems
  11. dyver

    car wax---which one?

    Collinite 915
  12. dyver

    SL R230 Dension AVR

    Its the same as a Alpine unit supplied by braybrooks, I had one installed a while back good bit of kit but comes with a few niggles
  13. dyver

    Mercedes C63 Detail. Another lucky friend of the family!

    ACTUALLY my avarage speed is about 13mph :(
  14. dyver

    Mercedes C63 Detail. Another lucky friend of the family!

    Beautiful job, amazes me that someone with such a nice car doesnt look after it
  15. dyver

    Dodgy COMAND

    Try alfie at command online
  16. dyver

    Dodgy COMAND

    Hi So'k mines even weirder, have got an Alpine unit fitted to my command to allow ipod integration, every now and then i lose sound from the left speaker whilst playing the ipod, if i change sources to say the radio then all fine again, it happens even if i keep the ipod source (via the tv)...
  17. dyver

    Multiple Speeding Offences ?

    Jesus why not go the whole hog? Swap the codeine for 1/2 a dozen dihydrocodeine 50mg have 2 pints of strong cider, you wont care about the sinusitis or the antibiotics
  18. dyver


    Hi, you lot on the mainland think you've got problems? Weve only got three roundabouts on the island, 1 proper and 2 blobs and altho people generally get the right of way thing, Its most amusing / frustrating when four cars draw up at the same time. It really is a case of which is my right...
  19. dyver

    Which 'celebrity' wouldn't you want as a previous owner?

    You could ask them not to valet before buying and then part fund it from all the ganja found inside :p
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