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  1. Abcan

    E200 W213 estate boot liner needed

    Hi. I’ve got a Carbox one in my S212. Can’t fault the quality. Still looks the same after 4 years...
  2. Abcan

    Mercland Website - Please help me critique it!

    I like it. I do agree with bob6600 that the Mercland logo should be more prominent. Apart from that it’s way better than most specialists websites I’ve used. 👍🏻
  3. Abcan

    Mercedes Covid Information.

    Looks like a 3 month extension.
  4. Abcan

    Mercedes Covid Information.

    I received an email from MB UK regarding missed services due to CV. If you haven’t already seen it the main part is below.
  5. Abcan

    Correct way to connect a CTEK charger

    Hi Dave. There’s another, recent, thread on battery charging where members have been charging by connecting directly to the terminals on their cars with no issues. I’ve recently charged my battery using jump terminals as that’s how it tells you to do it in the owners manual, plus it saves...
  6. Abcan

    Battery charging

    I’ve just bought a CTEK MXS 5 for my E250. I removed the aux battery to charge over night and connected up to the main battery as per the owners manual. It tells you to connect positive to the point under the little red sliding door and the negative to the earthing point on the top of the...
  7. Abcan

    Diesel Software Update

    Just tried it. It says mine has already been carried out. (Which it has)
  8. Abcan

    Diesel Software Update

    Sounds to me like they have updated it! Mine had it done and the mpg was reset on the readout. I’ve disconnected the battery before for a few hours and the MPG didn’t reset then.
  9. Abcan

    Does anyone use Contactless payment cards or other digital payment such as Apple PAy?

    I use ApplePay. There is no £30 limit on transactions if the retailer is an ApplePay partner. It wouldn’t bother me if they verified transactions over £85. In fact my bank, first direct normally call soon after I make an ApplePay transaction if it’s over a certain amount and not from a retailer...
  10. Abcan

    Has this CLS missed a service?

    How old is it? It’s normally a service every year or 15k miles.
  11. Abcan

    Is anyone on here into Vinyl?

    I enjoy the process of listening to records, my record player isn’t great quality but it still sounds good. Recently I’ve been listening to a lot of master recordings of albums through Tidal. I use my iPhone with a Soundkeys DAC and Sennheiser HD 599 open back headphones. It’s like rediscovering...
  12. Abcan

    Change of Internet Provider

    I think it depends who you’re changing to. I’ve changed quite a few times. Worse change was from BT to talktalk. Talktalk, in my opinion, are awful. I moved from TT to Zen and that was seamless. Although Zen aren’t the cheapest they are the best I’ve used. They use FritzBox routers which I find...
  13. Abcan

    Rear Wiper Arm Detail

    Hi I always buy from MB Edinburgh’s eBay shop. E Class front wiper blade set (2) "212 series" Mercedes genuine , new | eBay
  14. Abcan

    W212 E class saloon top mounts

    Can’t answer your question but here’s my near side top mount for a 250 (estate) hope it helps.
  15. Abcan

    MOT tests in NI suspended with immediate effect

    This is my car having MOT at the local dealers. Wonder who makes their lifts?
  16. Abcan

    20k off a C63

    I think it’s just this model discounted. It hasn’t been registered yet. They were putting trade plates on it and it looked like it was about to be started as I left.
  17. Abcan

    20k off a C63

    In my local dealers getting the car serviced and this C63 estate is discounted by £19845! It’s now £49000. Seems like a huge discount! Best I can see on drive the deal is 13k off.
  18. Abcan

    E350 W212 Bi-Xenon lights fading - and confusion...

    I did mine last year. Near side wheel off and partly removed the wheel arch. It took less than an hour to do both. I got my bulbs from amazon for £33 each. Still the same price: OSRAM XENARC ORIGINAL D1S HID Xenon discharge bulb, discharge lamp, OEM quality OEM, 66140, folding carton box (1...
  19. Abcan

    Software updates?

    Mine was updated last November. What I’ve noticed so far (S212 250D): 1. Engine seems to warm up more quickly. I’ve been watching this for the last 2 months as at first I thought I was imagining it. I do the same journey from Cardiff - Bristol a few times a week and in all temperatures it heats...
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