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  1. jukie

    M157 vs M6 GC

    Nice looking bus, that.
  2. jukie

    Force lets 59 police off speeding

    Yes I do. I thought it polite to respond to our fellow member. :)
  3. jukie

    Tidy c55 estate

    Looks great.
  4. jukie

    Force lets 59 police off speeding

    I'm in my mid 50s, still serving and have worked response and dispatch :)
  5. jukie

    Force lets 59 police off speeding

    If officers are dispatched to an incident deemed an immediate response, they will be told it's an IR by dispatch and permission to travel blues and twos is understood. Suitably trained officers can begin a pursuit at any time if required but must call it in immediately. Dispatch can cancel a...
  6. jukie

    Police officers sacked after recording themselves speeding

    Any need for the word "scumbag"?
  7. jukie

    Police officers sacked after recording themselves speeding

    Oh dear Lord how thick can you be? What on earth was going through their minds about driving the car, never mind filming it AND sharing the footage? I'm embarrassed.......
  8. jukie

    Prince Philip has died

    :mad: (that's aimed at the Biased Broadcasting Corporation, Wr1ghty, not you!)
  9. jukie

    Prince Philip has died

    Yes, there was no chance he would have wanted to die in hospital, which you can understand.
  10. jukie

    Prince Philip has died

    I worry Her Majesty might not survive much longer without him, such has been the support he has provided for so long and which Her Majesty has regularly acknowledged.
  11. jukie

    Prince Philip has died

    Very sad news. RIP, Sir and thank you for your service in all spheres of life. My prayers are with Her Majesty and the rest of the family at this time.
  12. jukie

    Anyone live at or near Rochester?

    I'm after a favour if possible. Please PM me for more details. TIA.
  13. jukie

    Merc’s; How many you owned, favourite and dream Merc

    Bought my first one in 1993 (C180, my only brand new one) and am now on my ninth. My favourites are my current 2011 E350 CDi and a 1989 W126 300SE, which was my second Benz. Dream Benz is a G-Wagen.
  14. jukie

    Which Mercedes SUV is the biggest?

    They look monstrously big.
  15. jukie

    Contact the police or not?

    An untaxed vehicle is a DVLA issue, not a police issue. I would not expect the police to attend these vehicles unless their checks showed they were "of interest", e.g. reported stolen or known to have been used in crime. I would hope the relevant force submitted an intelligence report...
  16. jukie

    used car purchase experience

    I'm not surprised, considering the stories we read on here about dealers but it's still very shabby of them!
  17. jukie

    Happy Birthday, Sweetafton

    May your special day "flow gently".......... Enjoy!
  18. jukie

    C43 AMG w202 estate

    Another saloon coming up at auction in April....... 2000 C43 saloon
  19. jukie

    1997 c280 Sport

    Photos and more info (e.g. service/MOT history, known remedial work completed, state of tyres/brakes) would help, methinks. :)
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