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  1. paul73mt

    E class winter wheels and tyres

    In the process of the car being sold so having a clear out winter wheels and tyre fitted with Pirelli Sottozero 2 on the front and 3’s on the back 245/45/17 99H wheels not chipped have TMPS sensors fitted tyre depths are 6,6,6 7,6,6 and rears 7,7,7 on both £500 for forum members only
  2. paul73mt

    Star diagnostic

    As title star diagnostic c3 had this for quite awhile and helped me out a lot instead of paying MB come in case and some extra leads running release 05/2014 £250 plus postage to forum members
  3. paul73mt

    ICarSoft MBII

    As title MB II diagnostic for sale not needed anymore £70 Delivered
  4. paul73mt

    Not being used

    Sorry for not a lot on talk in here but new job etc etc time just flys. Hadn’t used the car for about 5/6 weeks ( I’m doing around 300miles every 3months) so as you can tell it’s not doing a lot. Anyway the question is I used it last weekend first time for 5/6weeks Was slow to turn over but did...
  5. paul73mt

    W204 No steering wheel controls

    Sorry haven't been on for a long time hope everyone is well, But with new job etc time just fly's!!! I wonder if anybody could shed some light on a problem of my old car which I sold to a friend. He's just come back from the south of France got home and messaged me saying car was great you was...
  6. paul73mt

    Mixing tyres don’t shoot me

    hope everyone has a good critics and new year. Sorry for not being on lately but have had a few problems over the last 3months. Anyway back to the question. I bought some winter wheels and tyres last year (2nd hand) went to put them on today but one tyre if different to the others. I have 3...
  7. paul73mt

    Oxygen sensor

    New genuine oxygen sensor part number A0035427018 sold car so surplus MB Newcastle selling for £228 £100 Photo to follow
  8. paul73mt

    Winter wheels and tyres

    Genuine Mercedes wheels all 7.5j fitted with NOKIAN WR A3 tyres. Won’t fit e class All tyres approx 6mm . Wheels could do with a referb open to offers or swap for 17” eclass wheels ( have to be 8j wide )
  9. paul73mt

    No TPMS valves on winter tyres

    As the heading says i need some winter wheels and tyres for the new car but was going to get some with out the TPMS valves fitted. So would the car only flag up an error saying it cant read the pressures or would it cause alot more trouble??? Also could you program two set of sensors??? Thanks...
  10. paul73mt

    Headlight uv protection

    I have just cut back the misses head lights as they were very yellow .they now look very clear but I want to protect them from the uv so does anybody have any ideas or have used a specific item for that job ?? Thanks Paul
  11. paul73mt

    OM651 DPF Regen signs

    As the title says im trying to find out when my car is doing a regen, I must admit its normally running around on the motorway 90% of the time so i may never know however this morning when driving home from work. Doing around 60mph m25 green 'ECO' symbol turns to orange strange i though then...
  12. paul73mt

    Service Plans Increasing costs

    I have just started a new service plan for the new car, and was told that in August the labour rates are increasing by 10% and this will be reflected in the costs of all service plans. So if anybody needs a service plan you maybe lucky and get in before the increase.
  13. paul73mt

    Connections for power magic pro

    well I took the plunge and bought a new car E class now :) have gone out and bought a new BlackVue 750s with the twin cameras. Now with the c class there was all the wires I needed in the passager footwell ( ground , permanent live and a ign live ) does the e class have all the connections in...
  14. paul73mt

    Franchise dealer list

    as the title says, is there a way to find out what dealers are franchise and which ones are still run by MB . I have just put a deposit some on an e250 AMG line but have found another one with 12000 miles less and has the ILS headlights and comes out at £500 less. Just wondering do you get...
  15. paul73mt

    Command ntg4 update disc

    as title genuine command update discs (v15) 2017/18 Part number A2048270400 £70 delivered
  16. paul73mt

    Buying a high mileage car

    I have booked a test drive next week for this Used Mercedes-Benz C Class C220 BLUETEC AMG LINE PREMIUM PLUS for sale in Addington, Kent | Big Motoring World it has all that i want and even though mines still ok, im just worried about it only being euro 4 and by the end of the year it will be...
  17. paul73mt

    Comand APS NTG 4 Update Disc W204

    As title says looking to buy or borrow update disc for the above believe its version 15. Thanks Paul
  18. paul73mt

    tail lights u/s

    hi I kept getting a l/h side light error message flag up but when I looked the lights was ok. SO tonight it done it again so I had a look and found that the grey/blue and black/red wires had come out of there connectors (rear cluster and wiring was replaced by MB some time ago) so I got the...
  19. paul73mt

    Rear Diff Plug part numbers

    I have just tried to order some diff oil and the drain and fill plugs from MB of Newcastle, However they are unable to find the plug part numbers and also they say I need 1 little of the diff oil, could someone please confirm the part numbers and how much oil I need as I'm sure I read 1.1ltr's...
  20. paul73mt

    Oil and Filter change

    So my cars just had its b service at MB last week all fine :) and not even a phone call to say it needs this and that. So currently i drop the oil and change the filter every 6 months. Now due to my car now passing 140000miles do you think it could be worth it to change the oil n filter say...
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