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  1. geoffus

    ICarsoft monitored my DPF regen.

    Took my car for a short motorway drive yesterday, plugged the ICarsoft in to check my levels. The DPF was around 60% when I started off and within 6 miles you could watch the levels start to reduce and at the end was at 5 % and stopped there. It seemed to start during the first few miles, I was...
  2. geoffus

    Finally done my 7G-Tronic plus service on the drive.

    After reading lots of info I finally had a go at changing the transmission ATF fluid, including the torque converter on my driveway. It is not as daunting as you may think and went really smoothly, so if anyone fancies it and save yourself maybe a couple of hundred pounds, have a go. I even had...
  3. geoffus

    Mercedes badly crossing a flooded ford

    Couple of Mercs testing the virtues of hydraulic lock. Including a C63s.
  4. geoffus

    Attempted Regen with ICarsoft V2 on E250

    I've just bought a new ICarsoft MB V2 for my 2014 E250, it has the popular OM651 engine. One of the reasons I bought the reader for was its ability to monitor and regenerate the DPF, the car is not used very often nowadays as we also own a B200 which is a great car. This is where I'm stuck...
  5. geoffus

    New Battery cured Stop Start.

    The original battery on my E250 was dated 2014 and began struggling recently to start he car. The stop start function had also stopped working so main battery looked suspect. Just had a new battery arrive and promptly fitted it. Stop Start is now back to fully working and the Eco button goes...
  6. geoffus

    Soft top protection

    We had a bright dry day yesterday so treated the soft top to a coating of Fabsil Gold as recommended by another member. The 1 litre tin gave just enough for 2 good coats, a tiny bit was left for my walking shoes. The results after today’s rain were impressive, hope it lasts.
  7. geoffus

    New Top Gear.

    Anyone see last nights Top Gear ? I thought it was awful laddish and dreary, apart from the talented Chris Harris, the other 2 don't really fit in, it also sounds as if they just read from the autocue. I don't think they have the charisma to pull it off.
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