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  1. wrdcc01

    W124 Oris Tow Bar

    Anyone out there breaking a W124 saloon? I'm after an OE Oris tow bar with detachable hitch (although I don't need the hitch part), both wiring looms, aux' fuse unit, extension bars, curved side support bars and boot side covers (moulded to take the curved support bars). I am more than happy to...
  2. wrdcc01

    W124 Boot Seal

    Just a quick recommendation. I have just fitted a replacement Trucktec seal and it is as good as the original. Exact profile, shape and length match. No more sticking or leaks and only £35. Less than a third of the cost of a dealer part.
  3. wrdcc01

    W124 1994 E280 Water Pump

    Afternoon all, does anyone know who the water pump O.E. manufacturers were as I have finally had the first failure of anything after 22 years and I have an aversion to forking out nearly £500 on a Merc' badged one. I don't trust the adverts that say OEM as most are BS. Cheers....Dean
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