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  1. sheepy67

    porsche cayenne turbo 2005

    I am selling my porsche cayenne turbo Its 2005 with 54000 miles, full service history, comes from a no smoking environment. I have owned it since April 2013, in that year it has had 2 oils changes, new brakes front and rear with new hand brakes drums, with a brake fluid change. The coil...
  2. sheepy67

    audi rs6 v10 ?

    any one had any experience of the c6 audi rs6 v10 twin turbo, looking to change again 2nd quarter next year. Would be the estate version as its the only way my better half would let me change the car again... Thanks steve
  3. sheepy67

    E63 AMG gone, replaced by a PIG

    i decided to change back to a 4x4, as much as i loved the 63 engine i just could not get on with the way it looked, i guess i was spoilt after my CLS. Having had an X5, and finding the range rover to wallowy to drive i decided on a cayenne turbo here she is i have fitted DRL's...
  4. sheepy67

    thinking of sellling my E63 AMG

    ive got that itch that needs scratching again, that car itch that is. I think im going to sell or px in my E63 AMG for a cayenne turbo or cayenne 4.8s mine is a 2006 with 49k carbon bits all over, deep concave wheels, eurocharged map, FSH, next one in 5.5k miles, front discs in good condition...
  5. sheepy67

    I've been mapped

    Well today was the day, i finally got my E63 mapped with a eurocharged map.:bannana: Before anyone asks, i have no before and after dyno figures so please dont ask, this is all about the seat of the pants feeling and experience. Prior to this i was running with a sprint booster to...
  6. sheepy67

    for sale - Monarch r63s wheels 20 inch

    I am selling my 20 inch monarch wheels originally purchased from MSL in Birmingham in sept 2011 They fit a w219 CLS and a w211 E class as well as other mercedes They are staggered with a 3.5 inch deep dish lip on the rear and a small lip on the front Fronts are 8.5j x 20 Pitch 5 x 112 both...
  7. sheepy67

    my new wheels

    been umming and ahhing for a while now on changing my wheels, originally wanted some MEC extremes with the deep dish, but that is to similiar to my current monachs. I had a lot of nice comments on them at trax, thanks, After taking a look around i wanted some vossen cv2's but they are...
  8. sheepy67

    e63 brake caliper colour change

    Decided to change the colour of my calipers, after much red or yellow indecision, went with the red. After a drive to AnilS house we set to work, used, hammerite smooth, brake cleaner, emery paper, Amg logo sticker from ebay and some high temperature exhaust laquer first clean the...
  9. sheepy67

    my E63 AMG

    Some of you may recall i was the proud owner of a CLS55 AMG which subsequently suffered an engine blow up at the vmax event this year. Well this is its sucessor, when i first bought it in May i was not that enamoured with the aesthetics, but loved the engine. After the drive back to...
  10. sheepy67

    Thanks to sky

    Just had my renewal, currently with sky, last year paid £840 for my cls55 AMG with its mods. 9 yrs NBC and its protected... Changed to E63 AMG, with same mods and the renewal came through at £860 Comparison site cheapest was admiral at £1800. First time I have ever renewed with an...
  11. sheepy67

    holy crp, E63 amg front discs

    Having just bought my E63 amg and have been tweaking it abit, i thought i would enquire as to the price of replacement front discs and pads Now i was quoted £750 for the CLS55 amg all round discs and pads fitted soooo when i was quoted £1800 for just the front discs and pads without...
  12. sheepy67

    kleeman headers

    Had my kleeman headers fitted over the last few days by MSL and torque flow in birmingham, Now i previously had the resonator and secondary cat delete so this left me with no cats , kleemans and straight through to the rear silencers. Having driven the car, wow it sounds like a spitfire...
  13. sheepy67

    Brabus K8 and MSL Top Man and outfit

    I have the pleasure of owning a 2005 CLS55 AMG which is without doubt my pride and joy and it hurts when something goes wrong However i have to relay a story of fantastic customer service I have the 5.4l v8 supercharged unit 2005 with 70k, it developed as a small leak from the crank seal -...
  14. sheepy67

    CLS owners count

    as started on a previous thread, i thought id start a whole new one, i would be interested in this one, as you don't see that many on the road. so sorry to have hijacked that one but it would have got lost anyways count so far 1. bpsorrel - CLS320cdi - obsidian black with grey and...
  15. sheepy67

    my cls55 amg

    Well since my router is working for now and nearly all the work has been done on my car, i thought i would share my journey with you here is the car as i bought it back in may First thing that had to change, after i said i wasn't going to spend any money, was the...
  16. sheepy67

    traxx 2011

    here are some pics from the 2011 traxx event at silverstone where it rained nearly all day...still good though, nice to meet some fellow amg nuts
  17. sheepy67

    MEC Bodykits for CLS 55 AMG

    Just wondering if any members have had any experience with MEC kits. I have been on their website and they do some neat stuff. My question is, would it be aesthetically okay to have just the rear bumper, which i really like, without having the side skirts or the front bumper. The price...
  18. sheepy67

    sat nav direction

    this might be a silly question, but when i use the satnav, th e map always faces north on the screen. How do i/can i change the view so the map is orientated in the direction of travel? So the pointer is always pointing up and the map rotating rather than the pointer moving. :dk: I hope...
  19. sheepy67

    just joined

    hi all, i have just joined this esteemed forum, having changed my E46 m3 for a CLS55 AMG back in may 2011, I have to say it was the best thing i could have ever done I said i was going to stay away from forums as the M3 cutters weneded up costing me a few thousand in upgrades after seeing...
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