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  1. csx355

    New Vito Sport - Indium Grey

    My new Vito Sport 119 Crew Van has arrived - first time I have not chosen a black one and I'm quite liking it in Indium Grey. Must be getting old! Confidently expecting a sensible woolly cardy and some slippers for Christmas :-) Possibly picking it up at the end of the week.
  2. csx355

    Just Pressed the Button on a new Vito Sport 119 Crew

    Been a while since I have been in 'New Van Mode' - waiting for the 2015 Vito crew bus (old Dualiner) then had to wait till they launched the Sport model. 1st production run in October - mine is now in the system 7speed auto box in Indium grey - with options - cant wait!!
  3. csx355

    2015 Vito - what's the score?

    Is it me - there seems to be an amazing lack of up to date info on the new Vito. I'm pretty much a dead cert for the new Sport just not sure which one and there's not much real world info out there on the existing buses! I want another Dualiner (now crew van). They're euro 6 but thats it? Come...
  4. csx355

    2011 Vito Duoliners Help need to make a comeback!!

    Hi all, it's been a while since I have posted here having sold my 2007 VITO120 Duoliner over a year ago. Although I thought that the fuel consumption was reasonable for the beast that it was, 27mpg average, I convinced myself that I could and should do better. Well I did and although my...
  5. csx355

    Atlantic rowing race - VERY ADDICTIVE

    :eek: Heres something to keep your eye on over the next couple of months. A couple of guys from our local have started the 2007 Atlantic rowing race. A La Cracknell and Fogle. La Gomera in the Canaries to Antigua - in a wooden boat that they built themselves!!! - part of the rules - check out...
  6. csx355

    Recommendations for web building software

    Evening all - Over the last 12 years or so that we have our own business I have used a variety of 'out of the box' style web sites - this culminated in the best version that I did using Front Page 2000 back in 2000/2001. The site was ok - sort of chatty style but did not have an e commerce...
  7. csx355

    My new Merc - first thoughts - so it's a van

    Hellfire after the best part of five months waiting I finally collected my new Vito 120 Dualiner tonight - Brand spanking new in metallic carbon black and looking very nice. So would the long wait be worth it? First impressions was that the interior was a tad more basic than I was expecting -...
  8. csx355

    Vito 120 Insurance Deal

    No connection with this or any other insurance company but having just been quoted a £700 premium OVER my existing policy with a well known Bulldog - I called Merc who suggested that I rang this number 08701616655 and quoted this reference 8371 - Result fully comp - £312 includes business use -...
  9. csx355

    Roof Rails Vito / Vaneo

    Hi all getting closer hopefully to my new Vito Dualiner 120 - dont laugh until you check out the spec!! One thing I could have specified, but didn't was roof rails - front to back jobby's not ladder racks. Anyone bought or sourced decent aftermarket items or is there no alternative to an oe...
  10. csx355

    Vito 120 Dualiner - news views and gossip

    Hi all new to this forum - looking to purchase a new Vito 120 Dualiner compact with toys and would welcome any first hand experience of what life with one is like. The usual sort of stuff - Are the Comand / Parktronic options worth having? / Tyre wear issues / average fuel consumption etc. /...
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