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  1. anfieldassasin

    1988 C124 300ce White FSH and MOT

    Hey guys Selling my 300ce (took it off sale briefly as began using it again whilst other car was down) but now back on sale: 300ce c124 coupe lovely condition | eBay link has pictures also, if interested best to message me via my ebay account as i have access to that on my phone all the...
  2. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce C124 for sale

    Hi guys, just an fyi i am selling my 88 300ce if any one is interested. The link to the advert is below 300ce c124 coupe lovely condition | eBay any questions then either PM here or if possible best via the ebay system as i can reply quicker via my phone bw
  3. anfieldassasin

    W211 e220 cdi gearbox slip

    Hey guys I need to replace the conductor plate and electrical connecter on my dad's auto gearbox. Any one know the torque spec for the valve body bolts to the transmission and the oil capacity of the transmission? We don't have the service manual Bw Sam Edit: NB if I drain the torque...
  4. anfieldassasin

    W211 rear light cluster

    Hi guys my dad has 2004 w211 e220 cdi in avant-garde spec. One of the rear light lenses is broken and a bulb is gone out anyway. I know the whole board needs to be replaced but I want to replace the whole unit since its broken. I can't figure out if its LED lights or not, he's far away so...
  5. anfieldassasin

    2004 e220 cdi slipping into neutral

    Hi guys My dad's 04 e220 cdi with about 48k miles has now twice slipped into neutral. It's the 5 speed automatic. Seems to do it randomly and can be resolved by turning car on and off, also if the box is switched to manual then it will go into gear and change gears fine. He says when this...
  6. anfieldassasin

    230ce vs 300ce control arms

    Hi guys does anyone know if the lower control arms on 1990 230ce are interchangeable with a 1988 300ce? I have the old original arms from 230ce stripped and ready for a repaint before I put new bushes and ball joint in. I want to fit them to my 300ce, they look identical but thought I...
  7. anfieldassasin

    300ce air filter housing wanted

    Hi guys looking for the bottom bit of the air filter assembly (the bit the filter sits in) for my 1988 300ce m103 engine car. Cheers
  8. anfieldassasin

    W124 economy guage and autobox

    Hi all just quick question out of curiosity. My 300ce economy gauage fluctuates with the E and S setting. So at idle in E the guage will go to the middle. In S it will go about a 1/4 from the black then when I accelerate and car is hot at the next traffic light when I stop, it will for a few...
  9. anfieldassasin

    Looking for house to rent in Essex (odd post I know)

    Hi all, Our landlord died and his son wants to sell his house. We can't afford to buy it at the moment so need to find another place. If anyone knows a private landlord that is looking for professional working tenants in the south Essex area do let me know.
  10. anfieldassasin

    Why I do my own DIY

    Just finished up doing some cooling system work and fan clutch + belt. Some. Of. It was a frustrating experience because previous owner had new alternator fitted. Only realised when I was doing my work that they had obviously stripped the tensioner rod (probably from lack of loosening the main...
  11. anfieldassasin

    Pulled over by police in my 300ce

    Got pulled over by the police in my 300ce, had my 5 year old strapped up in the back seat. We were on our way back from the pet shop so had a fish in the front seat (no not me!). Unmarked bmw, he was driving a little erratically gave it no thought then get flashed and pulled over. He...
  12. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce water pump

    Guys MB just priced me a water pump at £236.50 Inc VAT. They will then give me £35 back for the old pump on top. Good deal or should I go after market (haven't decided if I should change pump yet)
  13. anfieldassasin

    C124 ignition surround trim wanted

    Hey guys I need an unbroken ignition trim surround for. My 1988 300ce if anyone has one for sale pm me please.
  14. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce electric seat base

    Hi All the electrical drivers seat base on my 300ce swivels slightly left to right and vice versa twisting my lower half when I corner tightly. Anyone come across this before? Nothing amiss when I look under the seat but I did find a small spring no idea if it's for seat or there...
  15. anfieldassasin

    1988 300ce fan clutch

    Hi guys correct me if I'm wrong but my car should have a viscous fan clutch (I recall my 230ce m103 had an electric one). Anyone have a diy on how to replace this? From what I searched they call for belt removal but I don't understand why this is necessary surely you just undo the bolt...
  16. anfieldassasin

    300ce mixture adjustment

    Hi guys i want to adjust the idle mixture on my car, smells as though it's running a little rich. It's an 88 300ce. I'm a little confused though, the car has no O2 sensors that I can see. It has the diagnostic port with pins 2 and 3 that people use to adjust duty cycle but I also have a...
  17. anfieldassasin

    300ce shocks

    Guys does anyone have the OE part number for the front shocks for 1988 300ce? It's standard spec not Sportline or anything like that. The merc parts guy couldn't figure it out from his catalogue exactly he eventually came up with 124 320 30 30 about 300 and something for both but added discount...
  18. anfieldassasin

    W124 instrument cluster

    Guys anyone know a place in Essex I can take my 300ce instrument cluster to for repair. Yday the trip and milage stopped working and below 20mph the tach needle bounces a bit. I know it's a common fault and although I've done various work I'm not sure I'm confident enough to fix this issue diy.
  19. anfieldassasin

    300ce wing mirror

    hey all the driver manual wing mirror on my 88 300ce is a bit dodgy. currently it is no longer connected to the mirror so moving it does not move the mirror. this happened because I was being overly forceful when adjusting the mirror. the problem I have is that the even when. the lever was...
  20. anfieldassasin

    300ce spark plugs

    Guys what's the difference between HR8DC and HR8DC+ plugs? I just bought an 88 300ce which calls for the hr8dc plugs but all I can find are the + variant??
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