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  1. jukie

    Anyone live at or near Rochester?

    I'm after a favour if possible. Please PM me for more details. TIA.
  2. jukie

    Another rare coloured CLS55

    Grey CLS55 Strange that the CLS & 55 on the boot are the wrong way round. MOT history is good too with no serious issues so far.
  3. jukie

    Lovely CL55

    CL55k Emerald black bodywork suits it a treat, IMHO.
  4. jukie

    Any Leicester (Thurmsaton) members?

    I'm after a favour in the Thurmsaton area of Leicester, if possible. If anyone is able and willing to oblige, Covid restrictions allowing (would not involve mixing with a large group), please PM me. TIA, David.
  5. jukie

    W212 E63. Pre-facelift with M157.

    E63 with Performance Pack and Driver Assist pack Reasonable miles, uncommon colour (one of the greys), sure I've seen it before, either on Ebay or Autotrader. Pretty clean MOT history too. No failures, just advisories about pads ('17 & '18) and tyres (fronts '19 and rears this year).
  6. jukie

    Good-looking CLK55 (2001)

    Low miles, good spec, looks in great nick. Fair price or a tad expensive? 🤔 CLK55
  7. jukie

    E63 with a decent spec

    MY 2014 E63 Palladium silver, I think. Options not mentioned in the add that I can see are dynamic seats (can't tell if massage), distronic and IIRC the warning triangle in the driver's wing mirror is blind spot warning (?), which is/ may be part of a bigger package. One owner and registered...
  8. jukie

    Is 'V8 AMG snobbery' a "thing"?

    I've seen some comments on various forums including this one which infer or opine that an AMG is only a proper one if it's got a V8 under the bonnet. Maybe the comments were just leg-pulling and not in the least bit condescending and I'm certainly not pointing fingers. Are non-V8 AMGs looked...
  9. jukie

    Chromaflair SL55

    Chromaflair SL55 at Hitchin.
  10. jukie

    E63 wagon

    High miles, reflected in the price, I guess. Only one MOT failure (May 16) for wiper blades, headlamps and front tyres (exposed ply.cords). Bulk of mileage done between June 13 & January 18 - 96k. No mention of head bolts. E63 wagon at Harlow
  11. jukie

    E63S wagon

    I'm not usually a fan of wagons but I think this is fabulous*. E63S wagon :cool: * (apart from the silver inserts in the front seats!)
  12. jukie

    A black CLS55 with a LIGHT interior (and it's not grey!)

    CLS55 Nice to see the coloured door cards too.
  13. jukie

    Interesting 2013 E63 (M157)

    MY13 E63 I'm guessing it was built right on the point of the face lift. Clearly the pre-face lift shell but it has the face lift gear selector and COMAND display. It has distronic too but not listed in the advert. I like the colour. Does anyone know anything about the selling company, Orchard...
  14. jukie

    Things that make you go "hmmmmm......."

    E63 on AT :oops: o_O :rolleyes:
  15. jukie

    Now that showrooms are re-opening..... anyone planning to go and view a car or two? Is anyone considering travelling to view a vehicle up for private sale? Is that allowed yet if you say it's visiting a "friend" and social distancing is followed? I have one in mind I've been itching to see since lockdown was implemented.
  16. jukie

    Bright light!!

    I'm presuming the factory-supplied bulbs have been replaced? Never seen a boot so brightly lit!
  17. jukie

    Samsung Galaxy S9

    Model SM-G960F. 64Mb, lilac purple. Unlocked, very good condition, no marks or scratches on the screen, minimal sign of wear and tear on the casing as always used with a protective case.. Original box, plug, cable and an after-market case included. £195 (inc P&P) ono. Please PM for...
  18. jukie

    Two E63's on AT

    Good to see cars in colours not often seen: Red E63 Grey E63
  19. jukie

    W219 CLS sales brochure

    Does anyone have an electronic copy available? TIA.
  20. jukie

    FAO any/all Northern Ireland members

    Afternoon all, Does anyone in NI have any experience of or know anything about Morgan Cars at Warrenpoint? They have a lovely-looking E63 for sale currently that has caught my eye. Take care and stay safe, David.
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