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    Low mileage clk55 (AGAIN) lol

    Garage location explains the asking price i guess
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    R129 SL500- It never rains but it pours -Transmission, Injection, Thermostat...

    Your M119 has several ECUs/modules in the CAN box. It's not as simple as, "oh it could be the ecu!". You've done the basics by replacing most ignition parts, but it's really time to plug it in and see what fault codes come up. Otherwise you're guessing and throwing parts unnecessarily. Your ETA...
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    R129 sl60

    Here's one with some mods done to it for £25500 100kmiles : SL60 AMG Silver Arrow One off For Sale (1996) on Car And Classic UK [C653786] Jay is right good facelifted ,post 96s, low miles will set you back 25k to near 30k. Thats if you can find one. Good RHDs are getting harder to find since...
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    W140 PSE (central locking) pump

    Try Carl at ! He's well stock with 140 bits
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    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    This is for vehicles under 10years old which falls under "Mutual recognition scheme certification" or that requires an IVA type approval. Stringent checks/inspection is carried out in both cases. The Internet is a minefield, trust only the ""site . It's all here , and if you're unsure of...
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    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    ok will try to answer as follows: It's quite a palaver but really just paperwork and money ;). Don't rush , just drive with spanish plates while processing all this.
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    Taking UE 200E W124 >25 years old to UK

    There are no taxes involved EU to EU and more so it is your own car. Yes you can use it here for 6months with your existing plates and insurance. However, if you use or max this period you need to be careful if something happens, authorities may ask you to prove your temporary stay since it's...
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    S211 E55 blue 1 owner 39k miles -hell of a price tag for a LHD

    €20k euros in mainland Europe maybe ! Agree ,£15k max in the UK Nice car though .
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    Winter wheels tyres.

    Use a tyre calculator as here: I wouldn't go more than 2% difference in diameter . Square set up for winters is fine .
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    London to make Supercar Revving/Racing Illegal

    This guy sums it up well : And this is what he means : Don't look middle eastern yobs this lot do they ?
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    Angry Amg's Bring Their Noise To London

    :doh: :wallbash:
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    W124 500E - put a deposit down.

    I see you a got a set . Sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Agree with Jay, 16" are after all original fitment . Next best are EVOs with the added good look. For a steering Wheel look at Victor style here :Lenkrad VOGELAUGENAHORN Leder Mercedes w124 w202 VICTOR STYLE | eBay Check with...
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    W210 E55 spark plugs

    Yep , mine the same! Stumbles quite a bit in Neutral or park, though in "D" sitting in traffic is fine. Most M113s do this, so I'm told. :confused:,and replacing the plug wires should cure it apparently. Be interesting if anyone has done this or cured this little niggle ?
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    W124 500E - put a deposit down.

    Have original 8 holes alloys with winters if you're interested ?
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    MB factory fitting Hankook tyres

    Official partner of DTM
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    R129 Air Con fault codes - help

    If you've read parameter 7 correctly at 5.8 bar then it seems theres (holding) pressure. Parameters 5/8 seem high. What you pulled are sensor values. You need to go through the diagnostic mode and read fault codes, delete and reset. If still not functioning after reset focus on the codes that...
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    R129/M119 Engine Wiring

    Refurb a wiring loom ? That's a monumental task ! Interesting who and where ? For M119s usually an MB replacement is the only way.
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    W221 AC Fault

    Usually means low on refrigerant , which could also mean a leak in the system . Needs to be checked on star .
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    C55 AMG buyers guide.

    correct !
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    Ticking noise...

    Try to compare it with a same car and engine then you'll know if it's normal or not. Sounds like a diesel to me .
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