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  1. zubear

    Wayne Gates Harrow

    Had my w207 picked up this morning from Terry and co B service done and car dropped back this afternoon, very efficient and affordable thanks for the work done.
  2. zubear

    2015 Model Release Dates

    No news on another e-class coupe.
  3. zubear

    Wayne Gates Harrow

    Had my service on My old w211 e320CDI a while back forgot to leave a comment happy with service in fact my family gave him another two more mercs to service. Will be taking the w207 when its due.
  4. zubear

    Iphone 5 white 16gb

    Sorry will get pictures up soon just been busy.
  5. zubear

    Iphone 5 white 16gb

    Hi guys I am selling a iphone 5 white 16gb on tmobile the phone is in good condition has been used for a maximum of 6 months, comes with box, charger and headset. Looking for £400 please get back to me if you are serious, o time wasters please.
  6. zubear

    W211 headlights full do not work

  7. zubear

    W211 headlights full do not work

    Hi guys I need some help when I turn the headlights on full the xenons do not work, but the dips do. On auto it works fine and full beams work perfect. Please can someone help.
  8. zubear

    I3 Packard bell desktop

    Hi Please follow the below link if you are interested in a Packard bell i3 processor desktop Packard bell i3 desktop in Harrow, London | Desktop & Workstation PCs for Sale |
  9. zubear

    blackberry 9300 phone and charger £65 only on tmob

    Blackberry 9300 for sale phone and charger £65 quick sale it only on t-mob and can easily be unlocked for £5 just do not have the time to get it done. the phone works fine but the case my need to be changed as general wear and tear. If anyone interested I can supply pictures.
  10. zubear

    Mtec Front brakes

  11. zubear

    Mtec Front brakes

    Hi have a set of Mtec grooved 312mm front brakes for sale never been used after £80 will get pictures if anyone is interested.
  12. zubear

    Amg bumper for w211 e-calss

    Hi there just wondering where other Mercedes, can I get a AMG front bumper for my w211 e-class and roughly how much would I be looking at.
  13. zubear

    Blackberry bold 9700 unlocked

    Selling my Blackberry bold 9700 which is listed here eBay - The UK's Online Marketplace
  14. zubear

    Parts help please

    try a person named acid on this forum
  15. zubear

    W211 Factory Recalls

    well guessing in order to see the reason why his car was not recalled due to the same problems that occurred on other cars.
  16. zubear

    E55 amg C service

    mercedes dont do a Service c as i have been told by a mercedes dealer they only do Service A which was £238 and Service B which was £395. thats all in with parts.
  17. zubear

    Htc wildfire

    still here bump.
  18. zubear

    W124 heavy steering E320 estate

    tyre pressure checked?
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