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    Airbag error message reset

    I have 2010 S212 E220 estate and had a tear in drivers seat repaired yesterday at a car upholsters. fixed the tear nicely but in taking the seat out they have set off an error message (along the lines of drivers air bag faulty/malfunction). It appears all the cables have been clicked in...
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    Urgh, mpg is only getting worse on c220, thoughts ?

    it doesn't sound too bad to be honest - like others say it will be down to the type of driving and overall average speed you do. i find there is probably a good 2-3mpg drop off in the winter
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    Someone keyed my car.

    good choice. better not to sink to their level. as you say it could escalate. best to try and get as much protection/surveilance for the future and then make sure you can deal with any further problems. in the meantime - wait for a good time to get your own back on them in a way that can't...
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    Is Sat Nav a vital accessory?

    i think they are very useful but they do make for lazy drivers (me being one). I am less inclined to do proper planning on a new route if i have a sat nav. that said it does reduce stress i find, especially with my wife who thinks she is excellent at directions and believes she is always right...
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    W212 E Class

    on my e class (s212) it has the activation button on the steering wheel but it is redundance as i only have audio 20. button must be one of the things they standard fit irrespective of actual unit installed
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    Advice Needed.....R-Class

    i was in the same position as you - sort of liked it but wasn't quite sure. i passed cos i thought that niggling thing would always sort of stay with me and would annoy me. in hindsihgt i am happy i didn't go for one as i still have that feeling when i see them. i think they are are bit...
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    Winter tyres or All Season ?

    i took the decision for all weather. I just plod about so i don't really push summer tyres like some do and from my research whilst there is a reduction in summer time performance the win in winter performance (and improved safety) more than balanced that out. If i pushed my car in the...
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    Another cheap dashcam test

    i am sort of interested in getting one of these but i would like it to be neat and tidy and i think i wouldn't have the patience to do a good job on doing that. as an aside - christ have you youtubed "russian dash cams 2013"..........mindblowing to see how bad and dangerous some people can be...
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    Best stuff for plastic trim

    I have used Sonax Plastic Restorer Nano - seems to last pretty well when i have used it - not too expensive either
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    My paperboy is now a Eastern European Man

    surely some of this is down to demand. who gets a paper delivered nowadays? i don't know of anybody - how much extra do people pay to have it delivered? lots can get news on their phones and ipads etc now i agree it is good to get kids independent but i remember as a kid i realised that...
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    how many times do you clean your car

    i think detailed wins the competition .....
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    Preserving a lump sum?

    i certainly think a decent and well thought out btl is a decent investment shout. the other thing i think i would like to think about in the long distance future when i am retired is to have a small pot to "play with" on stocks and shares. Obviously this would need to be a small amount that...
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    Reasons to not buy a car

    Following on from a thread about one standout feature that you love on your car, i was thinking the reverse can also be true....and for the smallest things. What would or has stopped you buying a particular car? Apart from obvious things like running costs and badge snobbery, what tiny...
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    i have a feeling you are going to have to get used to those sorts of figures. lots of people talk here about mpg and you will see most do not get anywhere near the official figures. some do but a lot don't.
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    Small rear end bump

    it is 2010 E220 estate. got quote from mercedes - £1000 + vat independent place nearby - just under £1000 (dunno about vat) that is simply for new bumper and being painted and fitted. Ouch for the chap who is paying! Anyone used either Mercedes Leicester for bodyshop work or Gore...
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    Small rear end bump

    So someone bumped up slowly into me today as i was waiting at traffic lights. Will need a new bumper i expect as it has a number of scratches and dents/creases. Everything else seems fine but will get it all checked out. Thankfully all involved healthy and fairly happy. Will probably do...
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    Online Handbook

    is it in a different place than before?
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    Online Handbook

    Up until recently i could log onto the mercedes website and click on an online version of the suitable handbook for my car. I tried today and that option seems to have vanished. Has anyone else had the same issue? I have a paper copy but find the online version easy to search sometimes and...
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    Milanese Parking

    just had a week over by the amalfi coast - to say the driving and the parking is crazy is an understatement. they all looked like stock cars they were so bashed up......... had planned on getting a hire car but was so glad we didn't as i would have never managed it without a heart attack
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    Suggestions for the fussy half

    Nissan qashqai?
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