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    Ant traps ....

    You want to get antstop. Homebase etc sell them in packs of two. Leave them down for a day or two and it wipes them out . Used them a few times now and worked every time.
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    Looking to replace BMW with Merc

    Congrats on the purchase has it got 18s or 19s ? Let me know if you decide to get the map done as we may be able to get a deal if a few of us have it done.
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    Looking to replace BMW with Merc

    Hi ive got a coupe 350cdi 125 edition and they are fairly quick cars. Ive been looking at the gad map as well and tempted to get it. Any idea on the cost of it ? One thing I will say for my car is the build quality is far better than the recent Bms ive owned including my mrs 5GT. I average 42mpg...
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    NTG 4.5 Firmware Upgrade?

    I asked the same question on here for my e class coupe and was informed its more than the firmware update. No idea what's involved though. The new red/black layout looks far better than the boring old man brown on beige it currently has.
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    Just installed reversing camera (wireless)

    Any chance of you doing a guide on doing this mate ? What was the total cost of the parts you used ?
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    Anyone added a sub to their w204?

    I've got an Infinity Basslink similar to the JL for sale if anyone is interested.
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    W212/204 Comand Online

    I use BlueDun to get the online function working on my Galaxy S3 phone. It's a waste of time though the connection is so slow it's unbeleiveable takes forever for load a page. It only works through GPRS (2G) it's as slow as the dial up on the Internet years ago. The Mercedes whole Comand...
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    2011 E Class Coupe Firmware Query

    Hi all, first post so please go easy on me !! I have a E class coupe 125 edition with command on line fitted. My colleague in work has recently bought a late 2012 model but the instrument cluster and nav screen are red/black in colour and slightly different to my car which is brown/beige...
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