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    MB Indie in the East Sussex area

    Anyone know of a good MB Indie in or around the East Sussex area? Near Eastbourne preferably. Will be moving to the area in a few months. Many thanks.
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    W212 still going strong ....

    Good to hear many high milers are still going strong. Monkeylegend - with my current mileage at nearly 135K, I have found the economy has improved since tipping over the 100K plus point. And feel the car is just run in. Thank you about the water pump replacement. How much was that...
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    W212 still going strong ....

    Good morning forum members, Hope you all had a good Christmas and wish all a happy new year. It's been well over 3 years since my last post when I had just bought my W212 250CD. It has been a joy to drive and still going strong as my daily workhorse. Apart from the routine servicing, its had...
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    W212 E Class FUEL FLAP Won't Close

    Hello. Experienced this on my saloon W212 when I first had it. Straighten out the plastic tie fitted to the cap so it's not twisted. I found that by dangling the fuel cap until it was straight, replacing the fuel cap, then pushing the plastic tie up so it doesn't obstruct the closing of the...
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    Indie recomendations in Leeds area

    Good evening. Just seen your post and can recommend Scotts Auto based in Leeds. Melvin (Scott) will give you an honest opinion and has a good team working for him. Used him a few times for my E270CDI and was pleased with the service.
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    Coolant leak on W212 E250 CDI

    Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I recently posted a comment on another member's thread about the coolant leaking on my 60 plate E250 CDI, where one would have to top it up about every 2 weeks. This was after 2 months of ownership. Upon contacting the MB dealership in Blackburn I bought the...
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    Newish c250cdi coolant leak - suggestions?

    Good evening, just a quick update about the coolant leaking on my E250CDI after visiting the dealers today. A faulty EGR valve is causing my coolant to leak and requires replacing. MB Leeds where I took the car to, have been very helpful so far. Unfortunately the used car warranty does not cover...
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    Just bought a w211 270cdi and just joined the site

    Welcome to the forum and hope you enjoy your car. I had the same car and enjoyed it the time I had it. As well as the auto fluid change, have the radiator checked if you car is one of the earlier ones. If it's a Valeo, have it changed to a Behr. If the car is post 2006, you'll have avoided that...
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    Newish c250cdi coolant leak - suggestions?

    Read this post with interest as I too have had the 'top up the coolant' message appear after 2 months of ownership of my E250CDI. Only the message appears and not the light. So far I'm having to top it up approximately every 2 weeks. I rang the MB dealership where I bought the car from and they...
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    Manual shift on a W212 E250CDI auto

    Hello artyman, I don't have a C,S or M mode on my car. All I have is E and S, no paddles on the steering wheel.
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    Bring Back the Mercedes Grill

    The Boss, have to agree with you on this one sir. The E Class should be about understated refinement and style and suits the bonnet star much more. The star grill does however look right on the AMGs, coupes and SLs, but not the E. It is like a grandad trying to be bling with a piece of...
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    Manual shift on a W212 E250CDI auto

    Good morning members, I recently bought a 60 plate E250 CDI. I have the 5-speed auto which is great. Whilst getting to the know the car for the past 2 weeks, I have tried the manual shift and it doesn't seem to change down. It changes up through the gears no problem, but not down. When for...
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    My new W212 E250CDI Avantgarde

    Good evening fellow members, After much pondering these past few months whether to keep my W211 E270CDI or go over to the dark side, ie BMW 5 series or Audi A6, I made the decision to part company with my W211 E270CDI Avantgarde. I picked up my new used 3.5 years old W212 E250CDI Avantgarde...
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    W212 E220 SE and Avantgarde suspension.

    Good evening members, Have been looking at 2010 W212s currently at various dealers. What is the main difference in terms of the suspension on the SE and Avantgarde these days please? Is the SE a more comfortable ride, where as the Avantgarde is slightly firmer, but not stiff like a sports ride...
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    Merc Independant Garage Needed York/Selby Area

    Recommend Richard Hollings (RH) Auto Serivces too. Decent bloke and honest too.
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    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Thank you to everyone who has provided their experiences and comments on this thread, very much appreciated. Please do post any information you come across which will be helpful. Happy motoring everyone.
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    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Thank you for your comments and experience so far blue gnome123. You're right, I haven't seen many 212 complaints until I checked the Honest John page. Seems like most of the issues have been ironed out and guess no car is perfect and free from faults. All the best with your very nice sounding car.
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    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Developer, you sound like a kid in the playground with the best trainers ;) LOL.
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    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Thank you Ash for your comments. I must admit the 211 still looks elegant as a saloon or estate. I like the feel of the interior. Just wished the build quality was better. What was MB hoping to build at the time, a Knight Industries Two Thousand (KITT) ;) with all that technology? I like the...
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    Your experiences with the latest E-Class W212/S212. Any good?

    Sounds pretty good to me Neil. I'll start looking at workshops in my region, although I have a good independent at the moment. Fish and chips and a Benz could be a new trend. All the best with your car and keep us posted of any events you encounter ... good or bad. Many thanks, Rob
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