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  1. diandave

    E220 09 plate black smoke on acceleration.

    Air filter may need changing.
  2. diandave

    W204 gearbox

    Is the W204 autobox sealed for life, or is there a drain plug in the torque convertor?...:confused:
  3. diandave

    DPF check

    I think the wrong engine oil has been used, it has 4 service stamps and all have used 5w-30 which I believe is 229.51 or 229.31 which is low ash. If a diesel particulate filter is not fitted shouldn't it be 229.3 or 229.5 such as Mobil 1 0w-40?......:confused:
  4. diandave

    DPF check

    Can someone with access to a vin reader please tell me if my car has a diesel particle filter: WDD2042082F125571.
  5. diandave

    Upgraded seats, airbag problem.

    Fitted better seats in C220 CDi (W204) getting message on dash: FL/FR malfunction, visit workshop and the airbag light is flashing, all electrics connected, any ideas?.....:confused:
  6. diandave

    Auto gearbox sump pan

    C 220 CDi W204, What is the gearbox plug in the oil pan, a torx or allen key?
  7. diandave

    15% eurocharged discount

    Try these first, same company lower prices, can even be cheaper with discount applied. Car Parts Online, Spare Parts, Motor Spares from
  8. diandave

    Kwik fit are a joke

    I had 2 tyres fitted and tracking checked at my local Kwik fit centre, I asked for the tyres to be fitted to the front as the outside edges had worn below the 1.6 mm, he said it would be about an hour so I left it with them, when I returned the job wasn't quite finished, had to wait 30 mins, the...
  9. diandave

    Replacement key

    Hi Mike The key is genuine Mercedes complete with metal blade, all prices include vat, and takes about 15 mins. to program.
  10. diandave

    Replacement key

    This is the company I used for my spare key, he has supplied and programed a new chrome key for my W211 for less than main dealer prices and comes to your house or business. Not in Australia of cause, but anyone who needs a spare key Mark is your man. Mercedes Keys - Replacement Mercedes Key -...
  11. diandave

    Whats the best engine oil

    Mobil 1 0w40 Diesel, never use anything else....:thumb:
  12. diandave

    New Series of Wheeler Dealers

    Or Virginmedia....:thumb:
  13. diandave

    E320CDi 2004 Gearbox issue

    I live in the midlands and had it done locally, by two different companies the oil cooler first so I wouldn't get the Valio problem then a few weeks later found I was to late, on a light pedal it was like driving over cobble stones, had it checked on a star, it showed the gearbox was ok, no...
  14. diandave

    E320CDi 2004 Gearbox issue

    Same car, same problem, I had this last year on my E320 CDi 2004, Valeo radiator, had the torque convertor reconditioned, didn't change the radiator but had the gearbox section drained and blanked off and an oil cooler fitted instead its bolted to the sill in front off the radiator so there is...
  15. diandave

    W211 E Class 220/270/320cdi? Which one

    I thought the 270 was a 5 cylinder? mine is the 320 il6, fuel consumption is much the same as the 270, the extra power in the 320 is well worth having.
  16. diandave

    W211 320 CDI Remap - (204hp)

  17. diandave

    It,s like driving along a corrugated road

    Looks like neighbours of the company I used!!...;)
  18. diandave

    It,s like driving along a corrugated road

    I dont think it can be the Valeo problem as it didn't affect the S class, as with my car it was a worn ar damaged torque converter, the symptoms sound very simular but I didn't get gearbox lockout or red lights on dash. It really needs to go on Star to check if for gearbox fault codes.
  19. diandave

    It,s like driving along a corrugated road

    Thanks Very pleased with work done and cost a lot less than I first thought.
  20. diandave

    It,s like driving along a corrugated road

    Forgot to add, it's doing an extra 3 mpg.
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