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    Highly Recommended - Prestige Car Service - Horndean.

    Hi all, My E63 (2012 W212 5.5 bi-Turbo) had a bit of a rough run and stopped starting. My local mechanic said he didn't have the tools to take the engine apart as he suspected timing chain. I scoured the local area for a decent suggestion to look at it and after LSH Mercedes Manchester quoted...
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    CLS63/E63 Timing Chain Issues (M157)

    My timing chain has been now sorted by Prestige Car Service - Horndean......Very Highly recommended.
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    CLS63/E63 Timing Chain Issues (M157)

    Are there any specialists near Blackpool / Manchester / Kendal that would be recommended...I might be in the same boat.....Codes P00016/17/18/19 Drives Okay but seems not to come on cam ! Thanks Matt.
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    E63 Owners Register

    1. Developer S212 E63 S 5.5 biturbo 2014 2. C_200k W212 E63 PPP 5.5 Bi-turbo 2012 3. daveenty W212 E63 5.5 Bi-Turbo 2013 4. Gerrym W212 E63 5.5 Bi-Turbo 2013 5. Malcolmx92 W211 E63 6.2l 2006 6. Ant1 W211 E63 6.2l 2007 Estate 7. Am3r W212 E63 5.5 Bi-Turbo 2013 8. bme63 W211 E63 6.2l 2006 9...
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    55 AMG miles per gallon (boring)

    I can get 34mpg at 70mph, that gets ruined once I hit the liverpool city traffic at 12-15mpg.
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    What MPG are people getting?

    At the moment with lots of urban driving I'm averaging between 18-22mpg. I get 28-30mpg on the motorway runs (which I'm very happy with). M157 - 5.5bi-turbo V8.
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    Anyone interested E63 AMG + performance Pack.

    Reduction in expectations - will accept offers in the region £29,000ovno
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    Anyone interested E63 AMG + performance Pack.

    Wrong Stereo Listed Oops, didn't remove the B&O Option....Its the Harmon Kardon surround sound. Here's a few more pics.
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    W212 DAB poor reception

    It also depends on the signal being received. It is just a little weak in Blackpool.
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    Beading rain

    Lizzie Beading! After her Polish and Wax, it had to rain...just so I could post to this thread....
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    Brutus got a wash

    Good finish on Black !..looking good.
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    Anyone interested E63 AMG + performance Pack.

    Right.... Lizzie is potentially up for sale if the right amount is offered OIRO £32,000 She has just covered 50,000miles and will slowly go up, I got her with 19,500 miles on the clock December 2015. I have done mostly motorway miles and never anticipated doing so many miles ! I had her...
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    Not mapped, just the performance pack from factory so a little more power and torque than standard, no restriction and LSD, fancy red brakes ! The toe to toe was rolling start 20mph......
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    Lizzie cleaned !

    Off to the shops now !!!
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    Water injection

    No I hadn't come across the Weistec install and typo on the engine model ! More interested in the fuel savings !!! :p I had a vaporiser fitted onto an old XR2 Mk1 intake in the 80's and it made quite a difference even with just water. Not so sure with all the sensors now, how effective it...
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    Can you have ordinary cruise when you have distronic plus?

    and airports Airports 3-6 mile radius on the M6 near Manchester airport etc. Mercedes apparently use the same frequencies (must be the best ones for aviation and merc !!). Took me ages thinking the average speed area there had a blocker on it then one day the restrictions were...
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    Lizzie cleaned !

    The impossible task - Exhaust tips I have tried everything....oven cleaner, alloy wheel cleaner, copper brush.... nothing shifts it. :fail
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    One month into E55k ownership...

    Might be looking to sell mine..... Very Highly spec'd and nothing needed. :thumb:
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    One month into E55k ownership...

    Fancy mine? Might be looking to sell mine..... Very Highly spec'd and nothing needed. :thumb:
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