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    AMG A35 Owners Thread

    Not sure, I'd have to look. But someone on here with one to hand might be able to confirm quickly.
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    AMG A35 Owners Thread

    Implementatio0n across different AMG's varies, but you should be able to set AMG DYNAMICS in Individual Mode. As standard, BASIC is what you get with Dynamic Select in COMFORT, ADVANCED comes with SPORT, PRO with SPORT+ and predictably, MASTERS with RACE, if your car has it. Individual let's...
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    AMG A35 Owners Thread

    AMG Dynamics is a recent addition to new AMGs and provides an extra layer of control that affects the handling balance of the car. There are ultimately 4 levels of AMG Dynamics setup - Basic, Advanced, Pro and Masters, which just so happen to be the same progression names that are used for the...
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    AMG A35 Owners Thread

    Is that Curborough Kirk88? If so, it's a twisty blighter and hard for anything much bigger than a Caterham Se7en to navigate quickly.
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    AMG A35 Owners Thread

    Indeed it should be! As of the start of this year, purchasers of new 35, 43 and 53 AMG's are now also entitled to a complimentary AMG Owners Programme training session at M-B World at Brooklands - 45, 63 and 65 owners have enjoyed this option for a few years now and it's a good first step on a...
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    Traction control on AMG models

    For the 5.5 bi-turbo's, yes - when it's off it's off. But Corner Brake Control (CBC) and ABS are still active, as they are considered to be 'primary lifesaving functions' and remain active even after that long hold of the ESP button. Can't comment directly on the 55's mentioned, but I think an...
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    SLK55 AMG

    I have an R172 too - fabulous thing. P30 package is important in my view for added body control and traction with the slippy diff, but as an all-seasons characterful motor car it fits the bill well. A DMS (Southampton) ECU/TCU dyno setup and 'optimisation' adds the icing to the cake and on a...
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    C63 (W204) in manual, staying in 2nd when you come to a halt?

    Our R172 SLK55 also goes into 1st gear at a standstill in Sport and Manual and at times is quite annoying. As you slow to a gentle stop, there's a noticeable shunt as it drops into an unnecessarily low gear. Given the choice, I'd have it go no lower that 2nd unless I pull the left paddle, just...
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    S2000 1, E63 nil....

    It depends if you want to spend a night in the car when it's -10c or not. I have winter wheels for both SLK55 and S2000 and in the case of the latter, have had the same set for about 6 years now, so gentle is the wear rate during the 3 or 4 months when they're fitted. Way better in anything...
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    AMG 53 Range

    V8's are sooo not disappearing from the AMG range anytime soon, it's just that other technologies are being introduced, driven by legislation, the market and natural progress. All the premier brands are doing the same, as it's fundamentally market and customer led. A lot of investment has been...
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    AMG 53 Range

    But 560+lbs/ft of torque will certainly feel AMG strong I suspect.....
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    W213 E63s 4Matic clunking... Anyone else?

    Probably still worth a test in 2WD mode, if only to see if the removal of drive to the front axle makes any difference. 2WD on these cars is of course designed for a very specific use - it's intended to be a full auto 4Matic, most of the time, hence the limitations you mention.
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    Why don't we get 4Matic?

    I think that's exactly it. The new platform architecture underpinning the current E63 4MATIC+ DOES make space for both steering and drive-shaft, but the S-Class is different and in the new 4-litre bi-turbo version, there simply isn't enough space for a RHD 4MATIC unfortunately.
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    Oh no, this could be a problem...

    Excellent David - enjoy the test drive. The VAG DSG box is not an AMT however, it is a Dual Clutch Transmission. They've had a couple of designs of their DSGs in production - both wet and dry dual clutch versions - but an Automated Manual it is not. I am pretty certain that you'll not be...
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    Oh no, this could be a problem...

    DavidL - as has been said above, the 7-speed MCT is to all intents and purposes the same as a Torque Converter Auto, but without the draw backs. In place of the torque-converter sits a multiplate clutch-pack which can have its locking characteristics changed depending on the setting of the...
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    Mercedes E63s Estate 2014 Project Time @ MSL Performance

    Richard Meaden and the evo magazine folks got 225mph out of a Skoda Octavia with only 600bhp, which is not a particularly small car. Slippery matters a lot, clearly. Bonneville Skoda: the technical story
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    Silver E55.

    Quite, quite outstanding Alex - are you absolutely sure you're not Head of R&D at Affalterbach?
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    Recommended (Trusted) Exhaust Specialists in Surrey/Hampshire Area

    Thanks folks - perfect!
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    Recommended (Trusted) Exhaust Specialists in Surrey/Hampshire Area

    I'm sure I read somewhere on a thread in the last couple of months about a recommended exhaust specialist in the South (Surrey/Hampshire area), but despite reading through every post about exhausts again - and there are many - I cannot seem to find it. Would prefer to go somewhere that has had...
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    C63 - is it worth remapping ??

    Japanese superbikes in the 90's used this trick to show faith with the 'gentlemen's' agreement on max 100hp engines. In some cases it just need a different throttle cable quadrant to get the full 130-150bhp that the engines made. Many free horses for about 10 mins work. Car manufacturers have...
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