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    power steering fluid loss; safe to drive?

    hello, car has decided to dump all the power steering fluid all over the drive. didn't realise issue existed until i steered to go around corners and was a whining grinding noise. car hadn't been used for about 10days so put it down to this. came back from kids footy and left it. went out to...
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    hello, not sure if electric or something else, but these are steps on what happened and outcome and wondering on thoughts really. drove to work - about 25mile of meandering a-road -> NO Issues at all drove to kids swimming to pick them up - as uphill parking put handbrake on & left in 1st gear &...
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    not rev above 3k, limp mode?

    and takes an age to get there as well Hello All, Hoping quick and easy advise lead to even cheaper fix ;) no lights on dash to indicate an issue. not been able to scan it as yet; after pointers really; will scan in daytime tomorrow. Due B5 service in 85days mileage is 98200 cruises just...
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    estate roof bars - how to make shiny new

    Hello, I have w204 estate and as such the roof bars, which i think are chrome plated!?! what is best way to cleam them as a wash a dry they have lost shine and look all matt and dull Neil
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    window close on lock

    Hello, Wasn't sure how to word for a search or new thread so here goes. When I lock the car doors Can I make it close open windows? And the same for unlock open windows? Did this all ok on the seat and mazda, but not sure if i need something programming of something is broken! Sorry, should...
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    are MSL & MB Tech one and the same?

    Hello, Seen both names mentioned think they are one and the same but wish to be sure. if not, anyone used MB Tech and any thoughts please? Ta
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    repeat p2080 eml warning light

    Hello, My car is giving me and local indie a nightmare. Car keeps giving P2080 code and we have changed both temp sensors to no avail dpf was very clogged so a few tanks of super duper esso a few blasts around in 3rd gear and dpf is now empty so says STAR yet got eml again after about another...
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    w204 headlight washer frequency

    Hello, Noticed that the headlight washers only wash every 10 presses of windscreen wash. Is there a way to change this frequency as 10 seems a very long time and on the commute the lights get dirty quick. Neil
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    independant dealer - shrewsbury

    Hello, After a good independent dealer near to shrewsbury or telford. From some quick looking nearest I can see is andy gale in Smethwick is do-able with day of work. Anyone used them? or ideally know of another nearer to me. Thanks.
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    dpf regen + warning light

    Hello, Done a quick search and nothing obvious jumped out at me. My warning light came on and a quick scan said pending error: dpf regen Next morning did a 3hr drive no stopping at over 2000rpm and so engine should have been hot and enough to sort this, but the light has not gone and a...
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    URGENTish - yellow engine light

    Hello, gf has just kindly informed me a light is on in the car. turn on ign and can see the engine management light is lit. head to merc and they are now shut. my obdii bluetooth won't read the merc ecu (did on mzda & Seat all ok) and so a tad stuck. checked oil and seems ok. what can i do at...
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    No of phones & bluetooth

    Hello, At weekend when got in car tutned on radio and saw it say connected to wifes phone, but not mine. Thought nothing of it. Then I had a call and was on phone and not in using car kit, thought thats weird. So i look and noticed the system can it seems only connect to 1 phone at a time...
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    odometer only show km/h in bottom section

    Hello, Have a s204 c220 and looking at the odometer i can have in the bottom section the date & outside temp. It also shows the speed in km/h; but i am in the uk and would like it to show mph Anyone know how to change this? Would be nice as the top is showing radio channel, though doesn't show...
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    phone & radio

    Hello, recently picked up a s204 c220 and all is ok to an extent. Have a few queries and will do as individual threads for ease. I have noticed that for the phone to use the car system, i have to have the radio on even if i do not want it. I this normal? anyway i can use phone without radio...
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