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    silly car ... Stupid electrics ... Help

    Heeeeeeeeeelp my 2002 clk convertable every morning I must disconnect the battery for 30 seconds reconnect it ..and bingo .why because the mirrors and windows won't work red roof light stays lit up and nothing works .until reset battery ... Replaced Sam unit as told that was the problem ...well...
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    W208 roof pump computer says no

    hello people my clk w208 convertable roof won't do any thing replaced the boot roof protector as was missing .release the handle windows drop etc no worrys press said button nothing so do it all by and . Have swaped the fuel pump relay for roof pump one and oil seemed ok ... So as roll bars work...
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    retro fit w209 into w208 vert

    Has anyone ever fitted w209 seats and intrior including door cards into the w208 convertable ?? Just wondering is it possible carnt find any posts any where cheers guys
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    W208 convert roof

    any body know where to start looking as my vert roof won't play ball release handle head rests and windows drop .thats it .leave car over night windows and mirrors won't work ..remove battery earth lead 30secs reconnect and all working again . Replaced a very sorry front Sam unit . So please any...
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    2002 w208 convertable intrior wanted

    just got a 430 convertable really don't like the light grey leather seats so decided to replace the lot .so I am on the hunt for full vert seats door cards etc etc etc please no mega prices cheers James .. Ps current car 2002 reg heated seats with air ?? Thanks
  6. J

    W208 partioner

    Anyone got this bit please for my 430 convertible plz .. Borrowed pic from forum .. Thank you .. I have the screen but not the plastic bit ???
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