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    Help needed 😢 Scotland

    If anyone has a AUX belt for a W211 E55 and they live near Inverness, Scotland on anything south of there that would be willing to sell to me I'd be very appreciative. We are on the leg home of doing the NC500 and my SC belt shredded and has damaged my AUX belt and we still have 300+ miles...
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    MB 85mm TB

    I have a custom made MB 85mm TB based on a used 82mm MB TB so it's plug and play in terms of wiring. I bought it for my 2003 E55 but since changed direction. So since the rebuild it's not been used. Asking £200 cost over half that to have it made to a 85mm I've tried to upload pics but...
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    M113k crank pin kit

    Has anyone got a pin kit for the m113k crank. Thanks
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    Moscow Supercharge and my experience

    Hi all I just thought I would write about my experience with a Russian company called MSC it seems they specialize in AMG cars. I am in no way affiliated with them btw About a month ago my crank pulley split and my supercharger ring came off the pulley (on the crank shaft pulley) as i found...
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    W211 E55 OEM Heat exchanger A2115002402

    For sale in good used condition with no bends or leaks, Selling due to upgraded to a bigger one. 100 plus postage
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    M113k Crank pulley wanted

    Hi im after a stock or uprated crank pulley for the m113k Cheers
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    W211 E55 Fuel filter sender unit

    Hi Im in need if a fuel filter sender unit for my e55 part no A2114701841 Thanks
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    W211 E55 722.6 vibration

    Ok this is a wierd one. I have a very aggressive vibration like my rear wheels are square. The car only does it once in the morning i assume when stone cold after approximately the same distance from home the vibration starts (so not from the getgo) after about 1 mile. Its not related the...
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    W211 Sunroof trim

    Hi Does anyone know the part number for the interior plastic trim on the sunroof. As at some point in the life of my car its had a new sunroof but the plastic trim was never re fitted and it looks crap seeing the bare metal of the glass surround. Cheers Pic...
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    M113k Supercharger clutch gapping.

    Hi all, Im getting a jerk and slipping when the supercharger engages, ive checked the gapping and its well out. Its now down to 510mm with no shims, does anyone know which part i need to replace at bring the gapping into spec 035 to 042mm ? I take it i have a wron clutch, the car has a...
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    W211 E55 OEM Torque Converter Part Number anyone?

    Does anyone know the part number for the stock W211 2003 E55k ? Are they all same in the 211s ? Or all the same in the 722.6xx box ? Thank you in advance.
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    C63 X-Pipe center section

    Never got around to fitting it. Open to offers
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    Valieo Rad

    What are the chances of my car suffering from the a Valieo Radiator failure for the second time. E55k had a replacement TC, transmission and Rad in 2011, but they replaced it with what looks like a Valieo one..... Now possobly symptoms of failure again. Hopfully its somthing other than that.
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    Any airmatic guru needed.

    Recently bought an e55. Few small problems I intend to work through to get her completely perfect again. Arimatic symptoms: Rear or front of the car won't raise. Rear is lower than the front. Dash says "car raising" then the visit work shop Relay replaced as old one was dead...
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    Anyone know this E55k ? MV03 KWS

    Im looking at buying it from a trader, red and black leather. Bodywork seems a little unloved. Went to see it but the battery was dead. Been stood for a while. They sent me a video of it running today. Sounded a bit tappety. Just wondering if anyone knows the car. Silver 2003...
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    2008 C63 Saloon, Black on Black.

    Hi from Mid April (about to go away) my much loved C63 will be up for sale, (very reluctant so no silly offers) Its a 2008 C63 Amg with the Brabus B63 pack not the S Ive owned it since 2012 and other than the wheels and remap it is as I bought it, the specification is as follows: 70k...
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    Thinking of selling the 63 for a 55

    Soon ill be looking at selling my much loved C63 and replacing it with a E55, some people may think im mad but the new house fund needs a boost and I can't part with AMGs V8's so an E55 has to be a win ???? Also have kids so its got to be a saloon. The question is, how much of a pain is it...
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    Anyone going to the V8UK fullpower Launch

    Is anyone attending the V8UK full power launch on April the 3rd at Topcats racing down south ?
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    Can any C63 owners do me a fav ?

    I was sorting out my boot and medkit in my C63 and in the boot behind a access flap on the right there was a wire hanging down, im not sure if i have knocked the wire or if its not supposed to be plugged in, but it fits perfectly into the control box above the fuses. See photo, can some one look...
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    Dimsport Mygenius flash Tool

    Hi I am selling my farther's Dimsport Mygenius, it has been used twice so as you can imagine it is as new, it was used on his C63 but he has now bought a new E63, (Yes he is fully aware im selling it :p ) As I already have one for my car it is surplus to requirements, Nothing is...
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