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    An E55 - But Not As We Know It...

    I'm a painter, sadly them "scratches" on the black are not scratches, they are called "crazing" and if they are all over the black which I would suspect they are just less noticable, the price to fix in any colour would almost be the cars worth. Not to mention it looks like a taxi from turkey...
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    Help needed 😢 Scotland

    Hi all Big thanks for all the help. I managed to limp to ECP in Glasgow. Initially they didn't have any for my car when I gave them the reg but taken the advise of Pontoneer and asked them what length they actually had in stock right now at the branch and it turned out they had 6pk2460...
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    Help needed 😢 Scotland

    Hello, Thanks for the reply. I'll be trying there in the morning. Been a member for some years now. More of a stalker than a poster 🤣 Thanks for taking the time to post that info 👍
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    Help needed 😢 Scotland

    If anyone has a AUX belt for a W211 E55 and they live near Inverness, Scotland on anything south of there that would be willing to sell to me I'd be very appreciative. We are on the leg home of doing the NC500 and my SC belt shredded and has damaged my AUX belt and we still have 300+ miles...
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    MB 85mm TB

    I have a custom made MB 85mm TB based on a used 82mm MB TB so it's plug and play in terms of wiring. I bought it for my 2003 E55 but since changed direction. So since the rebuild it's not been used. Asking £200 cost over half that to have it made to a 85mm I've tried to upload pics but...
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    Help please

    1.5 dci Renault motor?
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    How do u pay import duty

    Yes. They will send a letter saying the amount
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    W211 E55 performance upgrades

    Sorry they are 750GBP not USD
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    W211 E55 performance upgrades

    Also we got the EC ones direct from Jerry at eurocharged MSL birmingham an also suplie them.
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    W211 E55 performance upgrades

    These are 750 usd as they are in a sale untill the 15th of Jan from MSC
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    C&G Motor Factors Harwich.

    Do you have a website ?
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    Uprated Engine Oil cooler w211 e55k

    Don't shoot me down if this is a dumb question.... While oil temp is important and its good that this new rad has an oil temp sensor port, but is oil pressure not even more important and could this sensor port be used for oil pressure instead or is it just not possible and I'm just being stupid...
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    W211 E55 performance upgrades

    MSC - Moscow Supercharge. The Diesel seemed to work for us anyway, that said they could have come off easy regardless will never know. I run Eurocharge on mine as that's what the car had when I got it. We bought EC for a friends as we didn't know about MSC or Alex at the time.
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    W211 E55 performance upgrades

    You can fit EC LTs without taking out the engine, me and a friend did his e55 on a ramp was a PITA and we soaked the bolts un diesel the night before, they came off surprisingly easy for a 150k car. The whole job from start to finish was about 4.5 hours. Also MSC do awsome LTS for the M113k...
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    My S211 E55K - Opinions Please

    Dea where are are you based? I run a bodyshop and we have done a few w211s Inc my E55, intrested to see what prices you have been getting, we have also fitted a E63 front end to a front damaged E55.
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    M113k crank pin kit

    Will do, . Ive orderd one from BPP but royal mail made a **** up and it returned to sender (Australia) And apparently returns get sent via sea so 3 months so they said and they wont send a new one untill that one is back
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    M113k crank pin kit

    Has anyone got a pin kit for the m113k crank. Thanks
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