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    Anyone own my old C55 AMG

    I sold my C55 in 2014 and just curious if a forum member owns it. Reg: K55 ATG The spec was pretty awesome,
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    Sold the C55 :(

    After 2 years of wonderful AMG ownership the time came to part company with my beloved C55, honestly, it's the best car I've owned by a country mile, the combination performance modification polished off an already great car, reliable and amazing to drive and a car I don't think I'll ever be...
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    New FWD European 1/4 mile record

    Thought I would share this, I'm involved in 1/4 mile drag racing and pit crew for a couple of teams, this weekend was the UK Outlaw front wheel drive shoot out competition at Shakespeare county raceway. Good friend of mine took the European FWD record 8.85 at 174 mph...
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    Made me laugh

    Guy with a modified 350Z believes he can take an E55. E55 fella isn't into racing, but wants to put this guy back in his box. E55 owner hitches a trailer to his E55 then proceeds to loads a lawn tractor on it E55 AMG pulling trailer vs modified 350Z - YouTube
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    C55 AMG GemClean Detail

    Late last year I took ownership of a C55 with a well documented history on this forum, previously owned by Charles Morgan. I was please with the car but mentioned to Charles I would eventually have some love put back into the paint work, I spent some months having other mechanical work done...
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    PCS deliver the goods again

    For those that don’t know, I recently purchased Charles Morgan’s C55 AMG, while on the test drive Charles made it clear the front brake pads would need replacing (CLK63 upgrade) so I booked into PCS. Turned up today and me being me ask Jack and Olly to give the car a good check over as I want...
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    Need to contact Tudu

    Hi Recently took ownership of Charles Morgan C55, previously owned by tudu, I've mailed the site admin about the email/PM facility as my account doesn't seem to have this feature activated. Need to contact tudu as I would like confirmation which pads he used for the CLK63 front and SLK55 rear...
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    SLK Space Saver Problem

    The car is the 203 (C55 AMG) I have identified what appears to be the SLK Space Master Vredestein 145/70/17 92P in the boot, I thought it would be an idea to check the fitment on the car and inflate it, well it fits over the rear SLK55 rear brakes but the onboard Merc mini compressor used to...
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    W220 Intermittent hot start problem

    After some feed back for hot start problem, 2002 S320 CDI (W220) Recent work in past 1000 miles A service with additional work (Prestige Car Service :thumb:) High pressure fuel pump Fuel return lines (All replaced) 2x injectors re-seated (new seals) Symptoms, “Intermittent” NOTE, currently...
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    S320 CDI (56mpg}

    Before I purchased the car people said I would be lucky to see 45mpg on a run, without really trying or checking I managed 56mpg, so yet another thing to admire about this car. Anyone else seeing these figures?
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