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    Wookie's fist

    Seriously, check this thing out. It is basically a dooka pad in mitt form. I somehow managed to buy one for a fiver. Should ideally be washed by hand and combed after each use. I washed mine with hair shampoo and rinsed it really well. Also shouldn't be stored in a bag and left damp or...
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    Time for a new SLK?

    Test driving this tomorrow (had to split the link in half due to it getting starred out!): masons Curious how it will feel in comparison to mine.
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    Indie near Watford

    I am after some up-to-date information. I will be moving to Radlett near Watford in the summer. Of course, just my luck, the car needs servicing at that time. I have a great indie in Reading, but am not going to drive it all the way back here. So, what are my options near Watford? Thanks :)
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    My SLK55 in the sun!

    Took my pride and joy for a cruise in the sunshine :)
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    R171 SLK55 front bumper respray

    Anyone have any idea how much this would cost? Tempted to get the bonnet done as well. Will probably get it done later in the year, I just bought an important little ring and am slightly pennyless :)
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    Long time lurker, figured I would finally join :)
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