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    £1750 - Silver E Class 320 cdi 7 Seater Estate - 2 owners

    A link to the Ebay ad: Mercedes-Benz E Class E320 CDi Elegance Estate Tiptronic Auto 3.2 - 7 Seater | eBay Kim 077 9668 1743
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    E Class 320 CDi Estate - swap p/ex for 190E

    Gentlemen, We're moving down to Brighton soon and this good old girl will simply be too big to haul around the City streets, so a change is imminent. Thought I'd try a swap or p/ex with someone on here to avoid the Ebay and Autotrader Mike Brewers and many wasted weekends. It's a lovely...
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    ESTATE - 2004 W211 E Class 320 Cdi 7-seater Estate, will Swap, p/ex

    Jolly time-consuming trying to sell a car outright these days, so If any of you would like to buy, swap or p/ex a CLK Coupe or Cabriolet for my 320 cdi Auto E Class 7-seater Estate then please get in touch. This is not a car I'm trying to 'offload' but I will be moving to a city soon as she's...
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    2004 E320 CDI Elegance Tip Auto 7-seater Estate - silver

    Testing the water with selling the car as we are possibly moving to a place where it won't fit. I know how long it takes to sell a car so it might all work out fine. She's our family car and recent work includes a full service and SBC pump which was horrendously expensive. She has 152,000...
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    W211 Rear Bumper Help please

    2005 E Class Estate rear bumper. I wonder if any of you kind people could advise the best route of putting my rear bumper back to where it should be. I'm not sure how it came unclipped, but It won't seem to push back in (even with force). Is there a trick? I'm not massively mechanically...
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    SLK 1.8 CARLSSON - Reduced to £7500

    My brother has his immaculate 2005 SLK 1.8 Manual for sale on Autotrader and will offer it to anyone interested on here for £1500 less than the asking price. He's a decent chap and it's a good car. Here's the ad: Mercedes-Benz SLK 1.8 SLK200 Kompressor 2dr
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    Anyone gone from E-Class Estate to C-Class Estate?

    It's big. Toying with the idea of down-sizing my W211 E Class 320 cdi Estate to the equivalent age smaller petrol C-Class Estate. As it's very hard to get dealers to allow test drives unless you guarantee to buy their car, I'm asking on here for your valued opinions if any of you have made...
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    Soundproofing diesel cars - anyone done it?

    Has anyone successfully cut down the noise of a diesel car with soundproofing? I have a W211 E Class estate and the noise from the diesel engine is louder than I would like. Sounds like I'm driving a Taxi. There is standard soundproofing under the bonnet but it's still pretty loud in the...
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    W211 E320cdi springs/shocks shot or blame the bad roads?

    Gentlemen, Took my E Class Estate four-up on a run yesterday and couldn't help but thinking that the ride had got firmer since I bought it 3 years ago. 149,000 miles and by the look of the full MB history it's never had any suspension needed. Tyres are all good and balanced. Should I...
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    SLK200 1.8 Kompressor - rare Carlsson Manual £10500

    [url=] [url=] My brother is selling his rather nice Carlsson SLK Manual and he is a decent and honest bloke and so I suggested this would be a good place to sell. Car is like new and totally pampered. I'm...
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    W211 E320cdi to C32 or E55 Estate. Anyone done it?

    Currently have a 2004 W211 E320 cdi Estate with a chip but have been reading some wonderful road tests of C32 and E55 Estates from the same era which describe the power as completely mental. Has anyone moved from an E320cdi to one of these, and are they as mind-blowing as the journalists lead...
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    R107 300SL Wanted

    I'm after a R107 300 SL preferably in dark blue or silver. Posting here because I'd like an enthusiast-owned car that's been looked after and had money spent on it. Budget is up to £15k. I'm not a messer, dreamer or tyre-kicker and have immediate funds available for the right car...
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    W211 SBC pressure pump advice/ help please

    Hi folks, My garage have just called to say that they cannot clear the brake warning light because the SBC unit has reached its capacity and needs replacing - cost £1000 plus labour. Out of the question for me right now, but can I drive the car with this error light on? Is it safe...
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    Dealers, test Drives and general pushiness.

    I went to look at a car for my wife and son at the weekend. (£6000). I told the dealer on the phone that we had just started our search and that "I wouldn't be buying today." He said still come over and have a look, which we did. The car was nice and we asked for a test drive. He...
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    Advice welcome on the 'older' Merc. Sell up or keep?

    Gentlemen, I have a 2004 E-Class 320 cdi Elegance Estate in silver with light grey leather and a few toys. I have owned her for three years, she cost £5500 and has covered 146,000 trouble-free miles, 15,000 in my ownership. Unfortunately, things have now started to go wrong and I think...
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    W211 E Class estate. My wheel has literally fallen off.

    I swapped all the my wheels over today for Summers, tightened all lug bolts up, set off with wife, son, elderly mother and dog for a walk. Ten minutes later I heard a grinding type noise from offside rear followed by a slight wobble. I stopped the car a found that the locking wheel nut was...
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    W202 (Petrol) Flat Spot at low revs

    Hi folks, I hope someone can help. 1998 W202 C200 Saloon Petrol 81,000 miles. Engine runs beautifully apart from a very annoying Flat Spot at the bottom of the rev range, i.e. when you put the car into D and press the accelerator, nothing happens for a second, resulting in a slightly lumpy...
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    W211 2005 E320cdi smells of diesel

    Dear all, I have a 2005 E320cdi Estate with 125,000 miles, full service history etc. I've noticed lately that the engine sounds a bit louder than normal and that it's starting to smell of diesel inside and outside especially when idling. I'm wondering if this is common or if something's...
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    SLK buyer - any help/tips appreciated

    Dear all, I'm hoping to buy an SLK350 2004 onwards for about £8000. Fair price? Lots of options to choose from and don't want to buy the wrong one. Coming from an MX5 2.0 which I find a bit underpowered and bumpy. Are they ok for rust from that year? I've heard the rear arches were a problem...
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    W211 Parktronic woes - Main Dealer only option?

    Any help appreciated... W211 E Class Estate Took car into local garage to fix Parktronic which was showing red lights all the time. They plugged a Diagnostic machine in and found 1 faulty sensor. Replaced sensor, charged £140 plus vat for diagnosis, sensor and fitting. Two days...
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