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    Couple of questions about my vito and awnings

    Hi all I'm doing the rear of the van out so I can use it to go camping ( not a camper van) it's just insulated and carpeted with a leisure battery and lights So I'm looking to use a drive away awning but what's best for a compact vito? Do I use a c rail and fix it to the holes what you'd use...
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    Vito panel van roof ply lining

    Hi all Anyone ply lined there roof of the panel van I'm needing some tips all the sides are done just need the roof done I'm thinking of 3m ply the carpet that then fix it to the roof some how Anyone kindly post some pics if you've done this I'm also going to fit 4 led spot lights...
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    Led spot lights in the the roof of my vito

    Hi all I'm in the proses or insulating and carpet lining the rear of my van I'm looking to fit 4 led spot lights for more light As I'll be using it to camp in So can I just wire them in to the light that's in the rear of the van that comes on when you open one of the doors? Or will the led...
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    Couple of qustions & Service milage countdown for a vito

    Hi is there any way to reset the service countdown not my vito after I get a none merc garage to do my service? Also does anyone have a service schedule to see what is needed for the miles and age of my vito? What old of the main feelers use?
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    What tyres for a standerd vito van?

    Hi all what tyres are you fitting to the vitos Looks like my o/s/f has scrubbed off on the inside Is there a a tyre that most people fit ? It's just got the standerd steel rims think there 15"-16"?? It's got hankook fitted at the moment well I think that's what there called.. Any one...
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    2011+ white Vito front bumpers?

    Hi all bit of a long shot but I'm looking for some who owns a white Vito with the newer style front end. Front bumper with out the washer jets and no parking sensors If there is would you be willing to pm me your reg so I could get a price from my main dealer for a colour coded front...
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    Removal of a 2011 w639 vito bulk head

    Hi all is the steel bulkhead in my vito removable it's factory fitted and looks like its held in with bolts and pop rivers? Any help on this will be much appreciated It's restricting the drivers seat on going back and when I get round to it I'm going to get a swivel seat on the passengers...
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    Custom made side bars for Vito w639

    Has anyone made there own side bars for a Vito? I was taking to a mechanic today about buying some he said why don't we make some to fit So had a quick look under the sill of the van and can't see ant bolt holes the will hold them up? Does anyone have fitting instrusion sheet/diagram handy
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    Mercedes Vito warranty??

    Hi all not sure if this is in the right place but need some help and info Picked up my compact Vito 110 2011 plate on Friday Happy with it but there's a problem with down shifting When coming to a junction or any slowing down for that matter I'll drop the gears say from 4th to 3rd and...
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    Inteiror lights in a vito w639 facelift..

    Hi all is there any thing I can do to make the interior ligh brighter Its pointless may as well not of fitted one Also any way I can fit footwell lights? So they come on with the sidelights and doped beam?
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    Lights on a facelift vito (2011)

    Hi all can someone please help I'm maybe Bering a bit stuped hear.. Finally picked my van up today all is good so far But I noticed that the lights are on but no rear tail lights and no reg lights just 2 at the front. But they seam to be brighter than just the side lights?? So when I...
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    How to get music from my iPhone to my Vito head unit?

    Hi all I have a 11 plate vito and looking for a way to play my music off of my iPhone though the radio? I know I can buy the command headunit but as I've just bought the van moneys a little tight at the min Is it possible to fit a lead to the rear of the radio so I can just plug it in...
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    Lowering springs for 2011 vito

    Hi where's the best place to buy lowering springs for my 2011 vito compact Looking at Spax Or Eibach?? If anyone had got them fitted to there facelift w639 vito could you post a pic. And maybe post a link from where you bought them uk if passable King regards Fs
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    Hi all What's people's thoughts on supagard?? In the box you get wheel protector (spray) Interior gard (spray) X2 sachets of polish.. Would this be with £15 ??
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    Newbie from Cumbria

    Hi all I'm lee from carlisle Looking to buy my first vito compact van Seen 2 this weekend 59 plate 109 compact 37'000miles £8,800 Or 59 plate 111 compact 115,000miles £7,200 If i can stretch my budget I'm going to buy the 37,000miles one Anyway site looks well laid out and...
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