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    power steering fluid loss; safe to drive?

    turns out pump had gone and need to find 600 notes i have no car mechanical skills at all and so have choice but to trust garage. all i know is ouch and car is sold soon as get back - this car has been a money pit bad experience since i bought it and unfortunately (or not) has put me of mb for...
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    power steering fluid loss; safe to drive?

    thank you again, appreciate advise. manual, so ok with the old neutral thing; never had an auto! hopefully just a loose pipe or seal will update when all done. Neil
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    power steering fluid loss; safe to drive?

    thanks Salal. hoping the 2mile trip not done any damage sounds like a top up to full and short trip i should be ok, slight relief and can do mid-morning when in theory commute traffic has gone so not sitting around for long. no not 4matic system, and noted for the towing. Neil
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    power steering fluid loss; safe to drive?

    hello, car has decided to dump all the power steering fluid all over the drive. didn't realise issue existed until i steered to go around corners and was a whining grinding noise. car hadn't been used for about 10days so put it down to this. came back from kids footy and left it. went out to...
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    W204 Facelift Rear Indicator

    funnily enough, i am sure the outside column of 4 on both mine are shot as never blink when check them - should they? i took it out and cannot see how to separate the 2parts of the light cluster to see if can replace individual ones or not - so i would say not and yes is a full replacement
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    C Class W204 - Rear passenger door stuck shut / panel removal

    every year had her something major has broken; put right off MB for any other car ever; not sure how can be classed a premium brand based on experience, and agree that when working is a plesure to drive if you can find be appreciated, as really would like to do myself; but as door is now...
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    C Class W204 - Rear passenger door stuck shut / panel removal

    good to hear all sorted, my car has been an absolute money pit since bought it unfortunately and another £400 notes is not something can afford either do you happen on receipt know part number of replacement? seen a few youtube and mbworld guides and looks possible for a diy jobbie
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    C Class W204 - Rear passenger door stuck shut / panel removal

    hello, sorry if late to party. i had this on my 2009 59 plate I managed to get to unlock by pressing unlock on keyfob at same time as opening the door / or i did did front & rear at same time - sorry forget which combination and this fix did resolve it for ages. then today i find the same door...
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    W204 Steering lock mechanical fault diagnosed

    see a thread i started which seems similar to this old revival mine was down to motor that moves bolt into and out of the steering column edit1 and that ebay sale is exact thing that was replaced on mine local garage fixed it, when asked local mb stealer for assistance or guidance, they...
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    long time to update, oops! well, turns out was not the eis, but a £15 motor that moves a bolt up and down into steering column had failed. so £400 lighter later and all has been fine. Neil
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    Chrome Exhaust Tip

    making me want to do mine now, but she's in garage with most likely broken eis so will have to wait
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    Thanks Codger. Didn't find those guys but did find these that offer same service: Mercedes EIS Repair / EZS Module ESL + KEY | SINSPEED will pop over to garage this arvo and see what they think and...
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    quick research and looks like commonish fault and needs a new eis and reprogramming which only mb stealer can do mine is £150hr and no idea on cost of replacement so looks like i need to start harvesting the kidney farm again! will see what garage says that has the car, but any other thoughts...
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    Thanks Ash. Sounds like expensive from the ouch! Will now research what eis is you saying that aa did mention something about eis, but let him concentrate on trying to fix
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    no lights on dash, immobiliser knackered?

    hello, not sure if electric or something else, but these are steps on what happened and outcome and wondering on thoughts really. drove to work - about 25mile of meandering a-road -> NO Issues at all drove to kids swimming to pick them up - as uphill parking put handbrake on & left in 1st gear &...
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    not rev above 3k, limp mode?

    hello, confirmed. air pressure leak so changed: manifold & gasket pdf pressure sensor oil cooler so 1200 lighter which is nice start to year and car only cost 4600 in 2.5yrs ownership to keep on the road. oh yay oh yay the joy
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    2-EHN, 99% 2-Ethyl-Hexyl Nitrate, Cetane Booster offer

    used to use millers diesel sport in this and set leon pd150 having long running issues with care and was advised i use 'real' fuel so been on esso supreme for 2yrs now and car much much happier with it cost of supreme is outrageous if all they do is mix in some of this stuff akin to blindman...
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    CDI emissions

    i used to use millers as research said was better not sure if was but placebo effect or not but seemed to help make smoother, howeve, when i started to use esso supreme all the time car was defo much happier all the time so now only use this Neil
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    Two visits to Merc and they cant fix my 2015 WD212

    you can take to an indy eu warranty states that you can take to any joe bloggs garage and as long as oem parts are used warranty is not affected sure will be corrected if wrong, but recall that the status as still in eu at moment! also, no harm in taking to an indy and they can scan it on star...
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    CLK Cupholder?

    next you'll be sayng that changing radio station or a cd or heaven forbid, changing a track on your iphone. next stop, no passengers then no satnav as they can be a distraction, oh wait what about other cars on road. get a grip people. its a cup holder in a licensed killing machine!
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