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  1. Dee James

    ML270 parking brake . . .

    Hi All, i have a 2006 ML270 which has just failed the MOT - "Parking brake efficiency below requirements" the MOT place have said it will probably need both rear disks pads and brake shoes replacing, at a cost of over £500. Surely if the whole lot needs replacing then it would have failed on...
  2. Dee James

    cheap 2nd car - opinions?

    I`m moving soon which will mean a drive to the station in the mornings for my wife and to drop kids off etc so she mentioned getting a cheap run about as back up to the ML for emergency's and the odd occasion when a second car will come in useful. Here`s the criteria; 1) no more than about...
  3. Dee James

    chrome three point star silver wheel center needed

    i`m after one chrome three point star wheel center cap, the silver background one. I thought i would ask on here before i end up getting a whole set from Ebay . . .
  4. Dee James

    I saw a really nice W124 Estate in South Woodford . . .

    I saw a really nice LHD W124 Estate in South Woodford a few days ago, two tone grey and lowered on polished OE looking alloys Anyone on here?
  5. Dee James

    chipped lacquer repair options?

    I have a couple of chips in the lacquer on my ML, about the size of a coin i thought i might have a go at at least improving with some lacquer i have. Anyone had a go at this sort of thing? i`m not expecting miracles but it would be nice to improve the appearance a bit
  6. Dee James

    How to find your VIN online

    I don`t know if this has already been posted before or will be useful to anyone but though i would post. I wanted to find my VIN without having to wait until i got home to dig out my details so this is what i did: i went to this site, i`m sure others will work as well 247 Spares - Buy...
  7. Dee James

    how to remove wheel center caps?

    the three pointed star emblem on one of my ML`s wheel centers has come off so i`m trying to get it off without damaging it or the wheel to find a part number so i can replace it - is there a trick to this or do they just leaver out? it feels like something will get broken if i do thanks in advance
  8. Dee James

    235 x17 x 65 tires

    i`m currently running 235x17x65 Continentals on my ML270 which i bought part worn to tide me over for a few months. I`m going to be replacing them at some point this year so can anyone recommend a good budget tire in the same size?
  9. Dee James

    Beutifull 1970 Mercedes-Benz 250CE

    1970 Mercedes-Benz 250CE going up for auction this weekend, anyone want to buy a kidney? 1970 Mercedes-Benz 250CE | eBay
  10. Dee James

    to use Karcher or not to use Karcher . . .

    Last year i purchased a Karcher jet washer and power lance to do my patio and it also came with the standard lance which i`m assuming will be fine to use on the car, should i and are there any tips on use i should be aware of? I know this probably does n`t qualify as detailing but small...
  11. Dee James

    new rear discs squeaking . . .

    I had new rear discs and pads fitted a couple of weeks ago and i`ve just noticed a squeaking coming from the rear under braking as i come to a stand still. I`m not sure if it`s been there since they were changed as the only reason i noticed it last night is because i had the window down - are...
  12. Dee James

    Is there ever a East London/Essex meet?

    Is there ever a East London/Essex meet? Would be nice to put some faces to names :thumb:
  13. Dee James

    Classic Mercedes magazine looks interesting this month . . .

    as per the title - Classic Mercedes magazine looks interesting this month, features on various coupes including the SEC and a buyers guide on the W124 estate among other things. Thought i would mention it for those interested in such things :thumb:
  14. Dee James

    So, did anyone see the Classic Car show?

    So, did anyone see the Classic Car show last night? I must say i quite enjoyed it
  15. Dee James

    Best diesel?

    Normally I would just use regular diesel but because I want to keep my ML270 for a while and do a few very short journeys during the week I want to make more of an effort to keep the engine as clean as possible. Any recommendations regarding premium diesels or additives etc?
  16. Dee James

    Gem Tech Romford

    Booked my ML in to investigate a power loss issue on Monday, dropped it off this morning within two hours the issue had been diagnosed I had been called parts ordered and I picked it up, fixed this evening. Impressed.
  17. Dee James

    5k family classic?

    probably in an attempt to shut me up going on about old cars my lovely wife has suggested buying me a classic for my 50th in a few years (ok, 3 and a half . . .) here`s the criteria, all opinions welcome 1) budget around 5k 2) must be family friendly - if i`m going to use it for...
  18. Dee James

    P1470-008 charge pressure control open circuit?

    First of all apologies if this post is in the wrong place, I have another thread open for power loss under engine Is this likely to be a electrical or mechanical issue P1470-008 charge pressure control open circuit?
  19. Dee James

    ML270 boost pressure sensor location?

    Does anyone know where to find the boost pressure sensor on a 2003 ML270? As always thanks in advance
  20. Dee James

    ML270 inlet manifold recon with no flaps

    Came across this and thought it might be of interest to some on here
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