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  1. D-18

    Bad Obsession Motorsport - AKA the 'Project Binky' guys

    The guys at BOM have now acquired a supercharged Jag XF to use the engine in 'something'. There should be some interesting developments to follow on their YouTube channel I suspect.
  2. D-18

    Providing support during the 'Lockdown'

    In these days of lockdown, some of us are struggling to find things to do. I thought it might be useful for forum members to use some spare time and pool their collective wisdom to try and help those bewildered and confused souls who struggle to find relevant information about their Mercedes. If...
  3. D-18

    Daylight Saving Time

    Just a reminder that you should turn your clocks back this week-end...
  4. D-18

    Mercedes AA Class Reviewed

    Latest electric Mercedes:
  5. D-18

    Dyson Vacuums - Warning!

    I'm writing this from the hospital. The doctors say I will be fine, but I must warn you: The Dyson Ball Cleaner has a very misleading name.....
  6. D-18

    W211 16" Alloy wheel & tyre.

    I recently sold my W211 so now have no use for a spare alloy wheel / tyre which I bought to carry with me instead of the OEM spacesaver wheel. I don't know if this would fit in the spare wheel well of an S211, but it does (just!) fit the W211 boot space. The wheel is in decent condition, has...
  7. D-18

    Bye Bye W211 - Hello Jaguar XF

    Like Corned and some others, I have also defected to the Jaguar XF camp -a Saloon for me though rather than Estate. [/URL][/IMG] I've had two W211 E Class, both of which suffered some rather disappointing reliability / quality issues which I won't drone on about here (rattling good cars...
  8. D-18

    RIP - Bob Hoover

    The aviation enthusiasts on the forum will know the name Bob Hoover who has died aged 94. There are plenty of You Tube clips of his airshow displays - his signature trick was where he poured...
  9. D-18

    Have a look at the T!ts on this.........

    What were you expecting?
  10. D-18

    Tractor / Caravan on German Autobahn

    Can't see too many people complaining about being held up by this tractor / caravan.....
  11. D-18

    Dashing through the snow with Canadian railways

    I bet it takes more than a few leaves on the line to stop these guys....
  12. D-18

    Curry from the Glasgow Yadgar Restaurant - who needs it?

    For all the Yadgar curry fans, I can thoroughly recommend an alternative. LTD appeared at my house yesterday offering an Indian takeaway delivery service with a bit of a difference. How about a curry made from scratch in your own kitchen by a top chef? LTD had taken the trouble to prepare...
  13. D-18

    Scottish GTG - Dirleton 2014

    At our last GTG at Stirling, several attendees indicated that they would like to attend another meeting at the Dirleton venue which we have visited in the past: Castle Inn | Dirleton By way of gauging interest, can we have a show of hands for a lunch at the Castle Inn? I suggest we meet...
  14. D-18

    Diet problem....

    Saw my GP today he told me I should watch what I eat - so I've bought a ticket for the Grand National.....
  15. D-18

    W211 Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

    As part of my weekly maintenance schedule, I usually check tyre pressures. Today, one the rears was down to 25psi (from the 32psi I normally use). Suspecting a slow puncture I jacked up the car and had a quick look. Sure enough, a screwnail was embedded in the tread. The TPMS hadn't given any...
  16. D-18

    Grand Prix: The Killer Years

    I don't know if this is a repeat, but looks like interesting viewing on BBC 4 this evening at 21:00: BBC Four - Grand Prix: The Killer Years
  17. D-18

    Spring has sprung...

    Was out and about in Spring sunshine in East Lothian today and these little guys seemed to be enjoying life.... I do like this time of the year when the countryside starts to regenerate and the colours begin to appear again.
  18. D-18

    E320 CDI Sport versus E280 CDI AG - which one?

    Regular members will know just how much *** likes his 7G transmission! Steve and myself have both had W211 E220's in the past and we now have the E320 Sport (***) and the E280 AG (D-18). Unlike ***, I was less enthusiastic about the 5G auto after mine 'went off' at about 20K miles and car and...
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    2012 Meets in Scotland

    Following a brief discussion at the Xmas GTG at Stirling, several of the attendees were in agreement that the Castle Inn, Dirleton would make a good venue for a lunchtime meet sometime around March next year. Castle Inn | Dirleton We could look at; Saturday 10th March / Sunday 11th March...
  20. D-18

    Mercedes take the top two places in latest "Which?" survey

    Unfortunately, this is based on the average price quoted for a replacement key: S Class - £235 C Class - £231 Cheapest was the Vauxhall Corsa at £127 When I was a lad, that sort of money would let you take the Regiment to dinner and still have change for the bus home :)
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