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  1. Pauljay

    Ultimate Performance and Design 3000 stall converter

    Hi Guys! I haven't posted on here for a while but I wanted to tell you about my latest installation... I approached UPD after reading up on their product which is a brand new (no core return) custom installation for the CLK55, C55 and C32, basically the NA AMG models. They look at your...
  2. Pauljay

    Transmission won't up shift manually

    Hi Guys, I've a problem with my gear shift point. When in auto my transmission shifts fine, but when in manual, driving hard, as the revs approach the limiter it doesn't shift up! Even if you lift off slightly or tap for an up shift early it stays in the same gear if you have your foot...
  3. Pauljay

    Engine misfire

    Hi Guys, I have a problem with my car misfiring when in park or neutral only! I took it to MB and they had it for a day but couldn't find the problem! They said that it misfires on cylinders 7,8 5,6,2 basically all of them except 1, but at different times. If you turn the car off then on...
  4. Pauljay

    New Tune

    Hi guys, I got my car retuned today. I had been following a company for a while and looking at their results. Obviously you don't just give your car over to anyone so I did some research and spoke to the man in charge. His name is Fred, he was very friendly and seemed very...
  5. Pauljay

    Faster Gear changes!

    Hey Guys, I had some bad news recently, my fan for cooling the radiator died in heavy traffic and my car overheated badly to the point I thought I had cracked a cylinder head! Luckily I got away with it but my gearbox developed a bad leak and I needed a new pan. So I thought, while the...
  6. Pauljay

    Brabus clk

    Sad reluctant sale! 1999 CLK Cabriolet with 55AMG engine conversion done by Mercedes. Genuine 61000miles full service history, no expense spared. Brabus cams, Evosport pullies, full sports exhaust with custom headers and sports cats. Full de-limit, 425bhp. 8 piston AMG calipers, 360mm discs...
  7. Pauljay

    Cracked Head

    Hi Guys Sorry for the long story, but I thought I'd give all the details. I got stuck on the M25 last week after a bad crash caused miles of traffic on a hot day. I managed to get my car to the sevices after it overheated and ran out of water! I put a little water in the expansion tank...
  8. Pauljay

    Heater blower on W208 CLK not regulating

    Hi Guys. I have a 2000 model CLK Cab. The climate control when on auto keeps the fan blowing at a constant speed even when the temparature has been reached For the past week the climate control will not regulate the fan speed. If the car is cold the speed indicates 2 bars, once the car warms...
  9. Pauljay

    For sale white W124 E 200 'M' reg 1995

    A guy at work asked me to put this out for him. More details will follow. From what I've seen it's a nice car or a minor project for someone.
  10. Pauljay

    Drivers mirror not setting.

    Hi Guys, Hopefully this is the right place for this. I have a 2000 W208 CLK Cabriolet. For the last couple of days my drivers mirror hasn't been setting when I press the numbered buttons. I press the memory numbers and the seat and passenger mirror will move to their set position but the...
  11. Pauljay

    W211 E55 8Pot Brakes on a W208 CLK

    Hi Guys It's been done in the States, now I believe I am the 1st person in the UK to do it! Courtasy of EMP Performance I now have new brakes!:rock: It is expensive if sourced from the dealer but parts are cheaper from Ebay and on the whole will be cheaper than buying a Big Brake Kit. At...
  12. Pauljay

    Performance Headers

    Hi Guys, I'm new on this forum but a regular on the American site ( I just wanted to tell you about a new tuning company that specializes in exhausts but does everything from servicing to custom builds. They are called EMP Performance and they are based in Bushey...
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