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    w176 rear seat belts

    Hello MB fans, I am looking to replace the rear seat belts of my w176 (2013). When I look up the vin in the online catalogue (7zap) it says the following part number: A 176 860 05 85 9C94 SEAT BELT Replaced by: A 176 860 23 85 9C94 [414] THE OLD PART MUST NO LONGER BE INSTALLED I have found a...
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    w176 A 180 Maintenance Schedule / Booklet

    Hi MB fans, I recently bought a 2013 W176 A 180 (petrol). I don't have the original maintenance schedule and was wondering if you have come across a schedule or a booklet which shows what needs to be checked / replaced at what mileage? I know that any garage knows all of this but I'm keen to...
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    A-Class 2013 A 180 W176 Left HS Mirror part number

    Hello MB fans, I bought a W176 2013 a few weeks ago and love it. I would need to replace the left mirror. I am struggling to identify the right part number. Anyone more knowledgeable can help? Here is my VIN: WDD1760421J175971 I am looking for an electric power folding mirror. It must be one...
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