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  1. daveenty

    Portable washing kit

    After lots of boredom and spending unhealthy amounts of time on various auction sites over the last few months, I eventually put together some bits and pieces which may actually come in useful. It's basically a totally portable car washing system, which has now been fully tried out as the...
  2. daveenty

    If you wanted a Cabriolet

    Then would THIS ONE appeal? I know nothing about the car other than the link which was given to me by a friend who is potentially in the market for one. He asked me specifically what the M273 engines are like on this model and I told him that I hadn't a clue though would ask on here for him...
  3. daveenty

    500 SEC, needs a bit of looking at...

    Possibly a bit more than looking at to be honest and probably not something to take on as a quick project. I think I'll be giving it a miss but, for anyone with a bit of time on their hands, the car's HERE ON EBAY. Will need more than T Cut.
  4. daveenty

    Bit of a hub tidy up

    I've been doing this little job for the last few days and have decided to put it in it's own thread as opposed from clogging up various other places. It would normally have taken a day at the most but I had problems with running out of things, including patience and interest. The car is a 2019...
  5. daveenty

    Mercedes Me + Collision Detected

    This was one of those features which I thought I'd turned off but apparently not as it's flagged up twice in the last couple of days. It shows a picture of the car from above with a red circle round it and states "Collision detected" Area: Unknown (slight impact) and then the time and date. The...
  6. daveenty

    Intake Grill Mesh

    Some people are aware that the intake area around the front of the current Mercedes range leave several radiators/intercoolers etc. a bit vulnerable to road debris being thrown up into them. When I had my W213 E63 I found a solution to this from a company called Zunsport, details on THIS...
  7. daveenty

    Been missing: Reasons why

    Just a quick explanation of why I've not been here much. :) I put my 190E Cosworth up for sale back at the end of March, this probably being the time I started deliberating about having a complete change of cars and starting again. I'd gone about as far as I was prepared to go with the 190E and...
  8. daveenty

    Not eBay but still an auction with some Mercedes

    Also some very interesting other marques. Several Mercedes on offer with no reserve at Silverstone Auctions, 27 - 28th July. Quite a bit of other nice stuff as well but the Mercedes make it for me. I don't seem to have a particular favourite in this collection, let's face it, they're all...
  9. daveenty

    Given my car a quick wipe down

    If the weather holds out this weekend then I'm off for a little run in my "red shed" tomorrow morning. There's a meeting up in Preston on the penultimate Sunday of every month so, as the little car's been stuck in the garage for what seems like an absolute age, I thought I'd give it a bit of an...
  10. daveenty

    Mercedes with a difference

    In that it's a Renault... I don't really have anything else to say. I usually have a sneaky respect for well modified and tasteful customisations. Unfortunately, this is neither of these things. Found on another forum by the way. .
  11. daveenty

    A nice late present for the younger enthusiast

    Just came across this, so thought I'd share. :)
  12. daveenty


    Not actually on eBay but on the Autotrader site Thought someone on here may like this beauty. :) Sellers words: "This car is indistinguishable from a 100k S65 AMG" Hmm, until you start it up I suppose, or look at the brakes, or the interior...
  13. daveenty

    Bargain CLK230 Cab

    Nice BLACK CABRIOLET on Auto Trader. :) On second thoughts, I think I may give it a miss... The MOT history makes interesting reading as well.
  14. daveenty

    Zunsport Grills/Radiator covers

    I had a set of these grills from Zunsport fitted to the front of my E Class a while ago as the front end was, at least to me, a blatant flaw in an otherwise nice car. I'm not sure of which models are vulnerable apart from the W213 E63 and the AMG GT, but there is literally no protection against...
  15. daveenty

    Advice needed on new tower spec

    I'll start by saying that I'm "out of the loop" when it comes to PCs nowadays. The last one I built was the one I'm currently on which, whilst being OK at the time, is now getting on a bit at nearly 10 years old. I've replaced several items on it over the years including memory upgrades, new...
  16. daveenty

    Swapping my Japanese daily.

    I've had my old T30 Nissan X Trail for around 8 or 9 months now and, in that time, it's been a good little car. Starts first time and just keeps going but, as it's a 2005 model with a fair few miles on it now, it's going to want a bit spending on it soon, so it's time to let it go. I've never...
  17. daveenty

    Cars and Coffee monthly meet Barton Aerodrome

    I found out about this one from elsewhere though the reference to it has now been lost so I thought I'd let it have it's own place. Thanks to @oldguy57 for pointing it out to me. :) It's apparently held on the 2nd Sunday of each month, and run by the Veterans Garage as a bit of a fund raiser...
  18. daveenty

    Sports Cars in the Park: Leeds 23/09/2018

    Just a quick heads up on this as it's usually a good meet with plenty of things going on. I've been for the last few years and have every intention of doing this one as well though I'm hoping for better weather than we got last year as it was a bit miserable. Website is HERE, and you must sign...
  19. daveenty

    IWM Duxford 2018 Summer Car Show 26th August

    As a few have mentioned this in passing I thought it may be prudent for it to have it's own thread. Duxford has always been a good event though, until recently has been held in Spring. It's also been marred the last couple of years with the massive queues of people trying to gain entry, which...
  20. daveenty

    Sunday Breakfast Meet, 01 July Near Leamington Spa

    It's actually advertised on the AMG PL but, as usual with these things, all are welcome. We did this last year and a good amount of cars turned up and it ended up as a really good meet. :) Venue :- Hilll Top Farm Café Fosse Way, Hunningham , Leamington Spa CV33 9EL Date: Sunday 1st July 2018...
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