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  1. paul73mt

    E class winter wheels and tyres

    Bump now open to any reasonable offer
  2. paul73mt

    OM642 Engine Capabilities

    I maybe wrong but there are two types of the OM642 engine one was the 231bhp and the later one was 265. GAD done a tune of there car (a 265bhp car ) and got it to around the 300 mark and this was when they very first got it if you search the forum I’m sure your find it. The engines are different...
  3. paul73mt

    E class winter wheels and tyres

    open to offers as just collecting dust
  4. paul73mt


    You normally buy the update disc and buy the pin also
  5. paul73mt

    Star diagnostic

    Sold to a forum member
  6. paul73mt

    ICarSoft MBII

    Sold to a forum member
  7. paul73mt

    E class winter wheels and tyres

    In the process of the car being sold so having a clear out winter wheels and tyre fitted with Pirelli Sottozero 2 on the front and 3’s on the back 245/45/17 99H wheels not chipped have TMPS sensors fitted tyre depths are 6,6,6 7,6,6 and rears 7,7,7 on both £500 for forum members only
  8. paul73mt

    Star diagnostic

    As title star diagnostic c3 had this for quite awhile and helped me out a lot instead of paying MB come in case and some extra leads running release 05/2014 £250 plus postage to forum members
  9. paul73mt

    ICarSoft MBII

    photo don't show case and usb adaptor but both inc
  10. paul73mt

    ICarSoft MBII

    As title MB II diagnostic for sale not needed anymore £70 Delivered
  11. paul73mt

    Mercedes Diagnostic - iCarSoft / Xentry Star C4 / etc

    mbzclk wanted a diagnostic, I have the older MB II that I didn’t use any more saying that selling the car also so won’t need the star either soon lol
  12. paul73mt

    Mercedes Diagnostic - iCarSoft / Xentry Star C4 / etc

    I have a icarsoft MB II
  13. paul73mt

    Battery Change

    yes these are normally AGM battery’s
  14. paul73mt

    Electrical woes. - W220 S500.

    I didn’t use mine for 7weeks and mine give a couple of codes, put it on a trickle charger and left it had the battery tested and still running at 74% capacity. So far the EML light hasn’t come back and been 3 weeks. If your not gonna use regularly get a trickle charger for it
  15. paul73mt

    sensors required

    I sold the car to a good friend and he has had no problems with dpf issues
  16. paul73mt

    Diag/ star help really needed, West mids area. Sutton coldfield

    I have a car soft II hanging around if you want to borrow it your more than welcome
  17. paul73mt

    Reverse camera

    Oh the facelift w204. I don’t know for sure but if it is like my e class the whole strip comes off (from about the glove box right along to the edge of the air vents) have you done a search on YouTube just to confirm?
  18. paul73mt

    Reverse camera

    If you have a w204 you need to take out the 4 little rubber bungs around the vent then I used a small Allen key you put it not the hole and turn it 90 degrees this then grips the vent then you give it a pull BUT you only need to put it out about 5mm on each one then pull it fully out with just...
  19. paul73mt

    Not being used

    I could but I haven’t only because I can’t afford it going into Mercedes at the moment, I use the star diagnostic so they would just do what I have done. I did pop down to Wayne gates Saturday but it was closed.
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