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  1. ricardo62

    electtronic power control

    hi my e320 cdi yr 2000 has started to occasionally when starting to display the above and stop running then after a restart it disappears is this ominous ,and what is the electronic power control ?
  2. ricardo62

    heater fan not wrking ,fuse?

    Really quick question , my heater fan has stopped , I want to check the fuse , can anybody tell me what mum fuse and where its located ,ie is it by the battery under rear seat fusebox or the fusebox in engine compartment , car is w210 e class 320cdi yr 2000
  3. ricardo62

    b a s , e s p , warning lights

    driving my e320 yr 2000 on a drive today , about 30 mins into the journey the yellow lights came on and the abs visit workshop msg started flashing, now car still drove normally , brakes still worked. I was 10 mins away frm where i wanted to be , so carried on , got back in car to drive home...
  4. ricardo62

    srs light on after charging battery

    I took my battery out to recharge it , and i refitted it making sure the sidelights were on when i reconnected it , as was advised to to stop a surge damaging the ecu , i also connected positive first , as advised , car runs fine , but the red srs light is on , i turned the steering wheel frm...
  5. ricardo62

    charging battery

    Just a qk question , ive taken the battery out of my car a e320 cdi v reg , to charge it up , will i do any harm to the cars computer by removing it from the car , leaving no power for the ecu ...
  6. ricardo62

    how do i get to back of cig lighter

    Hi I refitted my radio in my e 320 cdi and i think i might of accidently pulled a connector off the back of my cigar lighter , as it now is not wrking , i use it for my satnav , , how do i remove it to check the wires , ive looked but i cant see how the surround its in , comes off . also now...
  7. ricardo62

    flap setting

    hi all , a quick question , my actuator arm for the intake flaps on my e320 cdi , fell off a cpl of mnths ago , its the rod that connect the motor to the flap linkage. now when this happened i noved the linkage fully forward , i thought this was the open position , now ever since this happened...
  8. ricardo62

    25 litres of veg in a tank

    Hi short quetion , i realise you cant run a common rail on pure veg , but will it be ok to put 25 litres in and top up with deisel to the brim ? just trying to save money ? veg in cash and carry is i believe around 70p a litre e320 cdi yr 2000
  9. ricardo62

    what is this?

    hi again today i was looking AROUnd the engine bay , and i was curious as to what this component was ? sorry no pics but it is next to the expansion tank , its a black plastic box with a few large pipes going from it , and some go to what looks like some kind of motor below it with a electric...
  10. ricardo62

    stop smoking ?

    Hi learned friends, car is w210 e320 cdi yr 2000 . How can i stop the clouds of thick smoke billowing out behind me , every time i accelerate hard , it stops when i get up to speed but its just embarresing , also how can i check my turbo is actually working ? it seems down on power , ive...
  11. ricardo62

    clean egr valve how much

    Anyone give me a rough cost to take off my egr on my e320 cdi and clean it , how much am i looking at ?
  12. ricardo62

    crankshaft breather valve?

    Hi my sages, I am wondering whether the black pancake looking component situated 6 inches forward of the oil cap on my e320 cdi w210 is the crankcase breather valve , filter? it has a rubber pipe exiting it and joining onto a large tube that enters the turbo ,the pipes are oily where they join...
  13. ricardo62

    fuel consumption idling

    Hi all OK i prob should of realised ages ago , but in my job i do courier work , ive been letting the engine run all the time ive been doing my deliverys , basically not switched off frm 10am til 2pm , ive been putting over 100 pounds a week diesel into the car an e320 cdi w210 . Now this is...
  14. ricardo62

    maf sensor disconnect

    hi my car is running badly no kickdown , and poor acceleration , only revs to 3000 rpm in neutral, when ign is switched off and restarted it revs to the max , but lots of soot out of exhaust when i floor it. i think its never had the maf changed in its lifetime ,its on 207000 miles , car is...
  15. ricardo62

    HELP see my latest post inlet motor

    please see my latest post and all will be explained , sorry for my tedious posts
  16. ricardo62

    found inlet motor not working

    re my other post , i found my inlet motor and found the linkage flopping loose disconnected , now what harm will it do to carry on driving with it not working ?. i started the car and it idles smoothly , and it revved up to the redline when i blipped the throttle , no warning light on dashboard...
  17. ricardo62

    where is the inlet flap motor

    hi a question , i want to check my inlet flap motor on my e320 yr 2000 cdi , i dont know where it is, i want to check the arm is working and the ball joint is in place. If i stand facing the front of the car , where is it located , as i cant seem to see any arm or rod around the inlet manifold...
  18. ricardo62

    egr blocked?

    hi im asking this question to you learned people , could my egr be coked up , my car a e320 il 6 diesel has spent the last year of its life , mainly being used around town , and spends a lot of time just idling . I dont live anywhere were i can give it a long run and the nature of my job which...
  19. ricardo62

    fuel line replace w210

    Hi My mechanic has let me down , booked him to come round today to replace the plastic fuel line that is the long 1 that runs from back of injector rail to the left side of i believe is the lift pump ,its the 1 that has a right angle as it goes into the pump? Im thinking about tackling it...
  20. ricardo62

    injector poss not working

    Ok short and to the point If i had 1 injector not working would i notice it ?the reason for this quetion is when its idling i detecy a slight uneveness , and im wondering if this migh be the reason for clouds of black smoke out of the exhaust when i accelerate up a hill and a load is put n the...
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