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  1. daveenty

    Best Mercedes Colours of the 1980's/1990's

    I liked the Blue/Black too, also the Smoked Silver from the same era but my favourite colour was Almandine Red as shown on my now departed 190E: -
  2. daveenty

    Locking wheel nut key flower snap .

    Good thanks Peter, or at least as well as can be expected I suppose. :) Look forward to meeting up again soon, it's been a while now.
  3. daveenty

    Locking wheel nut key flower snap .

    Or should be Rob, had to buy four for mine when I took the lockers off it. :(
  4. daveenty

    New Member

    Hi and welcome, you're just a bit up the road from me. :) Oh, and Palladium is one of my favourite colours...
  5. daveenty

    Finally worked on rear subframe

    You do realise that this thread is nearly 3 years old guys?
  6. daveenty

    (Yet another) Original Grille or Panamericana on my SL350?

    Well, I personally like them, the car looks angrier somehow. :D (OK, not an SL but the same grille)
  7. daveenty

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    I was just about to take it out for a run round the block to charge the battery this morning as it was nice and bright. Looked again just now and it's started snowing. 😢 Security cam picture as I'm now not bothering going out . :(
  8. daveenty

    Portable washing kit

    Another bonus with buying Worx is that I now have one of their cordless chain saws so can interchange the batteries. :) I think if I were using this sort of stuff in a professional capacity I'd be tempted to buy a decent brand but, for the use they get from me, Worx are fine and should last me...
  9. daveenty

    Portable washing kit

    You wouldn't believe it Matt ;) Spent a fortune on tat on the bay of dreams... Barely been out for nearly a year, not seen anyone car related apart from one Terminal Velocity meet in October where a few of us escaped to. Roll on summer...
  10. daveenty

    Portable washing kit

    After lots of boredom and spending unhealthy amounts of time on various auction sites over the last few months, I eventually put together some bits and pieces which may actually come in useful. It's basically a totally portable car washing system, which has now been fully tried out as the...
  11. daveenty

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Took it out and drove it today. Only around 16 miles round trip for a blood test but the most I've done this year. A gratuitous picture, just because it was nice to see it in daylight again : -
  12. daveenty


    Yes, but the one for light cars. Used it regularly on my W212 which was in Palladium Silver (similar to Tenorite Grey) and also my W213 in Diamond White. I also used it a few times on my 190E which was Almandine Red and it worked well on that too. It's a superb product, if you can get beyond...
  13. daveenty

    W212 e63 5.5 bi turbo exhaust mods

    Not sure about the 2015 car but when I had mine (2013) there were only one set of cats fitted from the factory. If you were to remove these (I replaced mine with Weistec front pipes) then yes, it will be louder, but you'll need the lambda sensors mapping out to avoid the check engine light...
  14. daveenty

    Happy Birthday, 23 Romeo Tango

    A well timed sign in from me this morning, I usually miss these things. All the best Richie, thanks for keeping in touch and hopefully catch up soon. :)
  15. daveenty

    How do you deal with dust build up?

    A California Duster is good for taking a fair few particles of accumulated debris off but, and quite a big but, it will not tackle the excessive amounts which you seem to be describing. As inferred to above, washing, or at least a good rinsing, is the preferred method.
  16. daveenty

    New member looking for Windwalker

    I think you may struggle as @Windwalker has only posted once in the last 4 years, and that was over 12 months ago. I've tagged him above so hopefully he'll see it and respond to this thread as neither of you have PM enabled currently.
  17. daveenty

    What Have You Done To Your Merc Today?

    Took the Scoop out yesterday. Only to an ATM as I needed some cash for a job which is happening today but it was the first proper run it's had since last October. 😢 Normally I'd have just gone in the Lexus which is by the front door and pointing at the road but it's currently on a charger...
  18. daveenty

    Engine management light / lack of power

    The best I know up by you would be MERPARTS up in Port Glasgow. Well recommended and know their Mercedes inside out. Just explain the situation to them and I'm sure they'll be able to help you out.
  19. daveenty

    Remap advice in north east

    If Stokesley isn't too far for you to go then you have Big Fish Tuning there who are specialists, writing maps for many other people as well as their own. ETA: Can't remember if they can fit a van in the workshop (it's ages since I've been there) but a phone call would sort that out...
  20. daveenty

    Replacing door pins on W166 ML & GLE

    Bit late to the party here Rob but it should just be a case of wrapping them with a duster or something to prevent damage, then gripping them with pliers before twisting (unscrewing) them off. If I remember correctly, the fronts are threaded, the rears just pull off and are glued back on. @Alps...
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