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  1. Gucci

    Your opinions please?

    We're working with an electrical manufacturer (small electrical gadgets) looking for an effective way of promoting their products. Cashback is very common and in use, but they want to stand out. So the question is, when buying a small product like a camera, radio or headphones, what...
  2. Gucci

    A friend in financial pickle

    An old friend of ours (62) has spoken recently of his increasingly troublesome financial pressures. His wife (61) can't work anymore through ill health. They tried incapacity benefit for her but were told she couldn't claim as her husband worked over 20 hours a week. He's a carpenter in...
  3. Gucci

    W221 S-Class - insurance (not bad) MPG (not bad) but...vibrations?

    Toying with the idea of an S-Class W221 at some point. Thought I'd put myself off with a notional insurance quote and it was fully comp for S350 CDI at £520. Not too shabby. Ok, it fits on my drive (just), tyre prices not too bad, tax ok and the press heap praise on it. BUT, I see a few...
  4. Gucci

    S-Class ownership... if it fits on my drive

    Always liked the current S Class behemoth and prices are looking tempting. Eg £18k for S350 with 46k on clock from a dealer. So, fuel economy isn't bad considering the size of the beast, but what about other costs? Insurance tangy? How different are costs to service v my old M Class? Parts...
  5. Gucci

    Nice touch or egotistical? I'm too close to it!

    Since I had too much time on my hands, I created a natty wallpaper for my iPhone. You may recognise my logo from the avatar, it's a design I've had for a few years now. So, out of sheer morbid curiosity and a glutton for punishment, I thought I'd put it to the vote! :doh: Thanks.
  6. Gucci

    Breitling cost of manufacture

    Hello Yes, it's watches again - but we DO love them don't we? I've been toying with the idea of a Breitling for some time now. Other priorities have presented themselves but at some point, I may go for the plunge. Now, I read an interesting piece from Christopher Ward (watchmaker) who is...
  7. Gucci

    Too honest - help with home insurance renewal?!!

    In 2005, we bought our Victorian terraced house. Rather than claiming ignorant bliss, we discovered that our neighbours had their house underpinned 20 years ago. We disclosed this on renewal and yesssss you guessed it, our policy renewal and competitor quotes either shot up, or more likely...
  8. Gucci

    Anyone used Swiss Watches Direct?

    Today, I tried on a nice Breitling Avenger Seawolf in Ernest Jones. Always thought highly of Breitlings and shall take the plunge at some point. This model retails at £3,070 in Ernest Jones. However, on Swiss Watches Direct they're £2,310. Others on a watch forum have used them and rate them...
  9. Gucci

    Breitling worth 10x price of 'normal watch'?

    For years I have considered a Breitling watch at some point. However the price puts it into a totally different category than say a Tissot. Apart from the quartz driven Colts, I appreciate the intricate automatic movements, but are they worth the money? Anyone with a Breitling on the forum?
  10. Gucci

    Thanks to KillerHERTZ for WHITE LEDs! (warning, contains non Mercedes)

    My sidelights were very yellow, so I bought some replacement 501s online. They were too blue, so contacted our very own KillerHERTZ. He sorted me out with some very white, clean LEDs - and the car looks so much better for it. Big thanks to KillerHERTZ again - very very happy :thumb:
  11. Gucci

    What would you call this metal texture?

    Looking at the outer bevel of this watch, what would you call the technique or style of metal working here? Thanks
  12. Gucci

    What constitutes a body mod for insurance?

    Well apparently, according to my insurer, changing my grille (Volvo, sorry) to the 2010 version with a larger logo is classed a body modification and would mean an additional £50 a year :crazy: There are plenty who make tweaks like this to their cars - but don't tell insurers - should you for...
  13. Gucci

    Crashed into an ambulance

    Fortunately, not me, but my brother-in-law was out for a Friday night spin in his Golf R32 last night. His account was that he left the lights "quickly", lost control and hit the side of an ambulance on the other side of the road :eek: He's VERY lucky nobody was in that ambulance, but £100k...
  14. Gucci

    Caught with mobile phone in traffic?

    My wife was travelling to an appointment and got caught in a traffic jam. The client rings her mobile who's expecting her. Now, my wife points people out on mobile phones who drive and berates them for it. HOWEVER, she decided to take the risk and pick up the phone. At that precise moment...
  15. Gucci

    How much for a piston?!

    Following on from the corporate gift thread, we looked at creating an unusual gift reflecting high performance. I wondered if we got hold of a polished piston and engraved the top. How much is a single piston - and can they be purchased? Thanks
  16. Gucci

    Ideas for innovative corporate gifts

    A discerning lot you are, so..... We have a client in Brazil who wishes to reward their prized distributors (approx 30) on an annual basis. Profile is varied - ranging from 25-55 year old men (mainly) who are rich. Need to think of some ideas for corporate gifts they'll find worthwhile...
  17. Gucci

    Recommended Tailor?

    I've been hunting round for a black wide spaced pinstripe jacket recently. Unfortunately my tailor in Bow has packed up and retired. Does anyone have a good tailor they can recommend? :thumb:
  18. Gucci

    Natural selection - a fool's tale

    Friend of mine is in the Police force. Whilst on a surveillance task, the marked PSU full of officers noticed a car backing into a parking bay beside them. This one happened to be a disabled bay. hmmmm.... he got out and asked if he could park there :doh: They looked at his car windscreen...
  19. Gucci

    Share in Apple - how to sell it?

    About 7 years ago, I was given a share in Apple which has grown in value. I have no idea how to go about selling it. Can anyone help guide my incredible stock market ignorance please? :dk: :D
  20. Gucci

    Motor Expo @ Canary Wharf

    A wet day, and sadly the last day of Motor Expo, but some nice new metal there: 1. New C Class Coupe, facelift C Class + E Class were solid - superb cars 2. SLS Stunning 3. New SLK, a mini SLS - feels much bigger - very nicely screwed together 4. Range Rover Evoque - Solid interior, striking...
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