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    S204 C250cdi 2012 front brake pads advice

    Hi Guys Last year I fitted a set of Pagid front brake pads from Euro car parts to my car. I am not impressed as I have got uneven wear (calipers are working perfectly) excessive noise and generally not great performance. I was thinking of going back to OEM spec / genuine Merc parts. But Merc...
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    Mercedes recall a million cars Oh dear..
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    Retro fit heated seats w204

    My 2012 S204 C250cdi doesn't have heated seats and I miss them from my previous car. What's the easiest way to retrofit them? Is it even possible? Or are the aftermarket kits worth a look? Merry Christmas
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    New Battery new error code woes..

    Hi Guys Just fitted a new battery to my 2012 C250 cdi estate. Good news I have brake hold function and eco stop start functions back (not sure eco stop start is a good thing ;-) ) Bad news the car has thrown an error code now with the airbag. Code B27352B stored, The Squib for Pyro fuse...
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    air bag light and warning after battery swap class w204

    HI Guys I today change the battery on my 2012 S204 C250 cdi. All went well, turned the car back on and now the air back light is flashing and the warning "passenger restraint systems is inoperative consult manual" What on earth has happened and is there any way to reset this without a scan...
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    Can oil last 20,000 miles?

    Apparently it can. Make up your own mind ;-) Interesting stuff...
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    Rough idle and no power this morning, no EML though

    So, I start the car this morning, after returning from a 80 mile trip the day before. Car starts but seems like its running on three cyclinders and very rough. Revs up fine though as normal. Sets off and it seems ok but gear box is hanging in gear and its got no power. Drives like a 1.6 diesel...
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    C250 CDi 2012 "Replace Key" message on dash

    Hi Guy as per the title, I changed the battery in my spare key which worked but now i get the error message "REPLACE KEY" when using that key. The original main key works fine. The key with the problem still unlocks the car, starts the engine, everything works apart from that error message...
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    Smart battery charger recommendations

    Hi Guys as the title suggest can anybody recommend a "cost effective" smart battery charger. I have had an Aldi's own smarth charger which has been a great bity of kit charging up and maintaining all kinds of batteries over the years but it died yesterday trying to revive a dead battery on our...
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    After Market tyre pressure monitoring systems

    HI Guys Anybody used these aftemarket Tyre pressure montioring systems you can find on ebay for around £30? My 2012 C250CDi has its own system but its pretty basic, ie warns if the tyre is flat or not. I would prefer a system to tell me what the actual pressures are. Most seem to use a...
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    OM651 fluctuating temp gauge,

    Hi Guys Can any experts out there tell me if they think I have a problem or not with my OM651 C250cdi. When I start the car and drive off the temp guage rises as normal with normal driving, after a few miles it reaches around 80C and then after short while longer gets to 90C. Then if I hit a...
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    S204 C250cdi om651 aux battery

    Hi Guys The stop start eco function has stopped working on my 2012 C250Cdi. Everything else works fine. So I am suspecting the aux battery has had enough of being a battery. Firstly, Can I just attach a trickle charger to it, directly to its terminals to see if it will take charge Secondly Can...
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    c250 cdi 0m651 serpentine belt confusion

    HI Trying to buy a new serpentine belt from my 2012 c250cdi om651 engine. Since the main dealers are closed I had to buy after market. There were two options from ECP and other places. One with electric power steering one without (hydraulic). Since mine has a has a normal pas pump I opted for...
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    Need front plastic engine / pulley cover fixing S204 W204 c250cdi om651

    Hi Guys Investigating the water pump on my S204 2012 C250CDI which is leaking. I have the OM651 engine I noticed the plastic front engine cover that covers the pump and pulleys was a bit flappy. Looks like the plastic push on fixing is broken on the left hand side, looks like it fits onto the...
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    Recommend replacement headlight bulbs S204 2012 facelift

    H Guys During lock down I am thinking of changing the healdight bulbs in my 2012 S204 C class estate. What do you guys recommend as decent replacement/upgrades. I want to keep it strictly road legal and dont want to cause any problems of headlight yellowing or anything like that so looking for...
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    S204 (estate) install of aftermarket reverse camera questions

    Hi Guys I have an aftermarket reverse camera with its own screen which I would like to install on my 2012 S204 C class estate. I had a look and I canot see any easy way to get the cables from the camera installed on the tailgate to the main body of the car? There are two rubber hoses which...
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    Om651 water pump advice

    Hi all Look like my Om651 s204 c250cdi water pump has started to leak. I noticed the aux belt was a bit noisy after being started in the mornings. After checking I noticed water droplets on the edge of it and I could see a faint trickle mark down the front of the water pump behind the pulley and...
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    Aux battery charging

    Hi Just wondering, is it ok to connect a battery charger/conditioner to the aux batery to give it a charge in my 2012 C250CDi estate (S204) while in the car and connected up. The ECO stop start never seems to work and I "guess" the aux battery isnt in good condition. I havent done any...
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    Keeping the car heathly during lock down

    Hi All So its a lock down so we all stay safe and well, So please all stay healthy for the good of everybody!! However I have a bit of time in the evenings and weekends to do a few jobs now. What do you guys recommend to do on the Mercs and how do we keep them healthy while they are not used...
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    Aftermarket reversing camera options?

    Hi All I currently own a 2012 C250cdi estate with what I think is the Audio 20 head unit and Becker sat nav module. As I understand I cannot interface a reversing camera into this unit to display on the main sat nav screen in the dash. So I was wondering if anybody had any suggestoins for a...
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