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  1. 91dm

    ML 270 CDI / OM612 CDi Engine Service / Spares

    Hello, I'm in the process of doing some work to an old ML270. If anyone has any service items or engine spares let me know! Filters, breather bits, hoses etc. Thanks.
  2. 91dm

    Very rare 99 W163 ML58 Brabus

    I thought this might interest a few 163 owners, a very rare ML58. Not sure on the asking price but it would be hard to find another I guess! LINK
  3. 91dm

    Looking for W166 ML Owners Opinions - Comparison v Range Rover

    After months of looking for a Vito, I've had no luck finding the particular spec/engine so I've started to widen the search to see what else is available. I've started looking ML's again, particularly 350s CDi with an AMG kit. I like the exterior look but the inside is a little underwhelming in...
  4. 91dm

    Rare Brabus W204 on eBay

    LINK Does anyone know much about this w204? Personally I think the wheels are too big but maybe that's needed to clear the brakes and the boot badges are terrible. Apart from that I really like the look of it, would be a great daily car. It's a very rare car/spec but I'm not sure if that...
  5. 91dm

    Possible to find reg number off VIN?

    Hello, Looking for some help on this one, can't find anything through google. We have a VIN number of an old car we're looking at buying but the seller doesn't have any reg plates, does anyone know a way of find the reg from the VIN? One of the VIN decoders says it's 1980. Would like to find...
  6. 91dm

    Looking for a 639 or 447 Vito?

    Hello, Been looking for a Vito Sport for some time, either a late w639 or w447. Ideal spec would be a SWB Sport 5 Seater with auto box. Let me know if you're thinking of selling! Thanks
  7. 91dm

    Fabric Convertible Roof Dye Refresh

    Hello! I thought this might help some people out. The fabric roof always let my car down and has only got worse since purchasing it, with mould and stains all over. I tried several cleaners and renovators however couldn't get the result I wanted. I purchased a bottle of 'Black Canvas Dye' from...
  8. 91dm

    Not a Mercedes but one of the best replicas I've ever seen...

    I had to share this as I think people will appreciate the attention to detail and craftsmanship. This has to be the best worst replica I have seen. Detail is lacking but to me those look like Peugeot 307 front lights. Click Here! Your welcome!
  9. 91dm

    Recommendations for CNC Work Custom Spring Caps

    Hello, Just looking for some recommendations; I'm fitting some coilovers and need a custom spring cap made to retain the spring and fit up to the existing top mount. I've got the measurements and layout drawings, just need them actually making from steel or alloy. Has anyone used a company...
  10. 91dm

    Mercedes Tool Box

    Hello, Spotted this on eBay, can anyone confirm was this a genuine accessory? mercedes box tool box sl 107 fully complete | eBay Never seen one before?
  11. 91dm

    Vito Sport Comparison W639 vs W447 Opinions?

    Hello, I'm on the lookout for a new daily driver, moving from an estate to a van as it's the only thing that ticks all the boxes. A ML/GL would be ideal but the running costs/purchase is out of the question. I've been looking at late 13-15 Vito Sport Dualiners with 5 seats which have good...
  12. 91dm

    ML270 CDI+ Project Build

    Hello, I couldn't decide whether or not to start a project thread for this, it's not something I've done before but I think this should be something a bit different for the forum. Here's the project car, a 2004 ML270 CDI Special Edition that I purchased over four years ago. The jeep has...
  13. 91dm

    DK12 ZRN 2012 MERCEDES BENZ S350 AMG - Incorrect Mileage

    I've been looking for a S350 recently and spotted this is advertised with no mention that the mileage is about 100k out from the MOT history. eBay advert eBay item number:312658111434 Seller guvinderhr REG DK12 ZRN It was listed a month or so ago with the correct 190k mileage and made about...
  14. 91dm

    ML W163 6x6 'MONSTER TRUCK'

    Here's an interesting one! He says 6x6 but only 6x4 in the advert, cheaper alternative to a g wagon I suppose. MERCEDES ML AMG 6x6 MONSTER TRUCK ONE OFF CUSTOM MADE VEHICLE LPG | eBay
  15. 91dm

    Genuine Floor Mats - V221 C209 W221 W166 W204 W212 W222

    Hello, I've some genuine mats for sale, in various colours and for different models as the list below. Full set of four mats in each pack. Around £150 at the dealer, looking for £50 which includes free postage to UK/Ireland. B66294103 Black Mats V221 B66294125 Grey Mats C209 B66294105 Beige...
  16. 91dm

    WANTED: 0000781123 0437004002 Bosch M130 Petrol Injector

    I'm looking for an injector for a 69 280SE W108, part numbers 0000781123 0437004002 (Bosch) if anyone has one lying around? Let me know Thanks
  17. 91dm

    W114 115 Chrome Door End Cap Plate

    Hello, I'm looking for the piece of chrome that covers the top of the door card for the drivers side. Part number: 1157250230 Will take any condition as currently missing so anything would be an improvement! Thanks
  18. 91dm

    NOS parts for older Mercedes cars & vans

    Hello, I've some NOS Mercedes parts which might be of interest to members, most of the parts are new old stock. I have attached pictures of some of the parts but please email me if there's anything you are interested in. Can post most items worldwide. List below: A0000901451 Fuel filter...
  19. 91dm

    Cleaning old W114 seats, help/advice?

    Hello, I'm just starting a mini project cleaning the interior of our W114. I started with the sun visors and had great success just with hot soapy water! I then tackled one of the front seats and I'm not sure what to expect. I just focused on the seat base which has come up alot cleaner than...
  20. 91dm

    W114/115 Bits Wanted

    Hello, Just looking for some bits to finish off our w114: 114 rear passengers lenses Beige drivers doors pocket Beige drivers door cap (top trim of door card) Driver door chrome end plate (fixes on with two screws) Fuel/temp/oil gauge If you can help with any of the above let me know. Thanks
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