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  1. aquanaut

    Bye Bye C63

    Well, after nearly 7 years ownership, i said goodbye to my C63 on the 31st/07. My first ever brand new car and it never missed a beat. Will miss the V8 Power and the exhaust note. Will not miss the atrocious mpg and constant visits to fill up! And the horrendous road tax, either....despite all...
  2. aquanaut

    Thule 754 Rapid Fit plus fitting kit 1204 for W203 Saloon

    Any interest in this? Thule 754 Kit...with fitting kit 1204 to Fit W203 C Class Saloon. Did not come with locks so this would have to be bought. £40.00 plus p & p & p
  3. aquanaut

    G Class for sale.....

    not quite sure the conversion is to my taste! And at 200k almost! Mercedes-Benz G Class 5.5
  4. aquanaut

    Nice AMG GTr....

    Picking up my C63 from service yesterday from local dealer and saw this...fantastic looking car. Not totally sure about the colour though
  5. aquanaut

    Great Service from Mercedes Aberdeen...

    Had my C63 in for a 'A' service and M.O.T. yesterday and had requested the 2017/18 comand map update for £99 special offer. Picked up the car and they had also done the MCT transmission update and an ECU update. All for the sum of £459. Cheapest service and extras I have ever had from Mercedes...
  6. aquanaut

    C63 W204 Software Updates

    Hello, I have owned my C63 since new - 01 Sept. 2012. In that time all that has been done is 1 free map update even though I was entitled to 3 free updates. This September it goes in again to Mercedes Aberdeen for its service and MOT. Last year I asked for the gearbox software update only to be...
  7. aquanaut

    Mercedes leaving DTM for formula E!!

    Mercedes will quit DTM at end of 2018, confirms Formula E entry - DTM - Autosport
  8. aquanaut

    R63 DIY engine rebuild

    Mercedes R63 AMG Owner Completes DIY Engine Rebuild Dealer Said Would Cost $57,000 Interesting article
  9. aquanaut

    Caster measurements for C63

    Hello, in relation to my "Quaife LSD eating my rear tyres" thread, i had my C63 in for a full hunter alignment & suspension check yesterday. All that was required was some minor adjustments on rear toes but has made the car feel better. The garage that did it mentioned the caster readings were...
  10. aquanaut

    Quaife LSD eating the rear tyres...

    Hello, my first set of tyres lasted 11.5k on my C63, with the quaife diff being installed at 9k miles. The second set last around 5.5k and now at 4k on the next set they are getting close to the limit again. Just wondering if any others have experienced such an increase of tyre wear since...
  11. aquanaut

    Awesome C63 Black replica.........

    :eek: Mercedes AMG C63 BLACK EDITION rare replica. | eBay :doh:
  12. aquanaut

    Shell V power money off vouchers

    Just curious, try to use shell fuel as much as possible, v-power and member of drivers club where my choice is money off vouchers. Not received any since September last year. Was supposed to get some this month and again nothing. Anyone else been missing them or have mine gone missing in my...
  13. aquanaut

    For Sale - C32 AMG.....70k miles!

    Hello, putting the feelers out for a friend who is not on the forums. Car is based in Aberdeen. Car has had front disc and pads, water pump, belt, pulleys and tensioners have been replaced in his ownership. 4 x brand new Michelin pilot sport tyre's just fitted. Bad points....battery is...
  14. aquanaut

    Interesting story / App

    Find out what your MOT DOESN'T tell you: How one woman's costly car problems inspired her to help others discover their car's real history | Daily Mail Online
  15. aquanaut

    Gts & c63s crash...oops!
  16. aquanaut

    Latest firmware &

    Maps versions for Comand ntg 4.5 please. Hello, I have a 2012 c63 and as the maps and Comand have never been updated. Can someone please tell me the latest versions of both? Thanks
  17. aquanaut

    Quaife Installation Magazine Article

    Interesting article in latest Mercedes enthusiast (June issue) featuring a quaife LSD installation at Birds. Features a step by step guide on it being fitted to a C63.
  18. aquanaut

    My old C55 up for sale...

    A great car, owned it from August 2008-2012. Sold it privately. Wonder how its ended up down in Sheffield. Mercedes C55 AMG | eBay
  19. aquanaut

    Anyone bought or buying their C63 after lease?

    Or any Merc or other car? Its decision time for me soon and I am curious how many people pay the balloon payment. Leaning towards keeping mine for at least another 3 to 5 years
  20. aquanaut

    North Sea Weather

    Unusually nice weather in the North Sea recently.....extended forecast is good as well. I was last on the semi sub regalia dec 2001, offshore Norway in a massive storm. Something different.
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