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    E320 Coupe w124

    Anyone willing to take this on? Mercedes E320 coupe W124 | eBay
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    C124 e320

    Selling as spares or repairs, due to gearbox behaving badly after changing it. Blue with cream leather, climate control, 2 airbags, usual's. All offers considered. Pics on req.
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    W124 gearbox issue.

    I had auto gearbox swaped in my 320ce for gearbox from 300-24v. the problem is change from 2-3 takes place always around 3,5k and 3-4 always around 4,5k. I tried adjusting Bowden cable with no luck, there's only little difference if anything. Also if I drive 50mph it only goes to 3rd but when...
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    C124 coupe seatbelt triangle

    Mercedes W 124 Seatbelt Triangle (right Hand) | eBay why do people charge more than a dealer?? ordered this today from MB in Brighton, 17.45 +vat:D. they even posting it to me for nothing:bannana:
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    Warning!! Topran viscous clutch fitting

    Hi, fitted as above in tomy newly accuired C124 E320 to find wobły/out of balance/not running straight if you know what I mean. Also the gap between clutch and pulley very narrow<1mm. Oh and double checked if it's not the bearing but the old clutch doesn't woble.... Anyone came across this...
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    7G-tronic which models

    could someone with more knowledge tell me where to find above gearbox in W204 and W212 models? thanks a lot!
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    OM603 valve seals done and it knocks

    as stated done the job today, replaced cooper o-rings and washers, torqued up 30Nm, loosened, 30- loosened and final 35Nm. didn't disturb anything else down there as was really carefull. cranked it for some time without fuellines to clear debris. and now it is knocking quite badly?? why?? do i...
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    W124 320ce

    MERCEDES CE320 COUPE 1993 | eBay went to see this yesterday to check it up, thought I share what I spoted. bodywork has signs of respray on both front wings, O/S/R wheelarch done too, rest needs a good polish. some "surface rust" on all jacking points (been there poking with screwdriver - no...
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    OM603 water pump

    Hi all, the time has come to finally get the old water pump replaced. it is making a bit of noise when cold engine and I get a bit of a weep from seep hole (or whatever it is called). Anyway I got a new one OEM that I purchased for something like £20 with other bits as clearout on ebay:bannana...
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    solar pv

    hi all! I'm looking into solar pv panels, I've had 3 quotes and now when I made up my mind up there is a battle beetwen the 2 companies. the price is the same now, but they went into phase where one of them is trying to put me of by showing credit reports, what the turnover was in comparison to...
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    w124 parts

    some bits taking space up in my garage, needs to go, would prefer to sell as a lot: -bosch headlights + wipers F/L both sides -Lucas servo -throttle body e220 x2 -rear lights both sallon/coupe -warning triangle x2 - bosch headlight + wiper pre F/L o/s -pas/sls pump -front discs/calipers...
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    w124 parts

    having a little clear out, feel free to ask if you need anything from w124. more to come, so watch this space. Mercedes w124 sportline torsion bar with new bushes | eBay Mercedes w124 E220 engine ECU | eBay Mercedes w124 pre-facelift grille | eBay Mercedes w124 230e sallon instrument cluster...
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    help w203 or w211

    Hi all, as we have another baby comming i'm thinking of one of the above in estate form. can you guys give us an indication about size in comparision with w124 before i go out checking them out. Is self leveling suspension only on w211? 7G gearbox AFAIK only with v6 engines is that correct? I'll...
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    W124 AMG gen II body kit

    hi all, let's say I found one for the salon- both bumpers, side skirts. how much is it worth guys?
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    W124 grey leather complete

    anyone intrested?? Mercedes w124 complete grey leather interior | eBay
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    W124 230E black (040) + grey leather

    just got this for parts, but after looking into it I think it's to good to break. 137k, full grey leather in near mint condition (manual not heated). it has new mot till 20/11/14, tax till end of January 2014. there are advisorys: 1.outter ARB bushes 2.front wheel bearings slight play 3.rear...
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    W124 water in N/S/F footwell

    hello guys, just need a little bit of advice what the next step to take as am really stuck. so I do get water in front pass. footwell and there is a list what has been done to investigate: 1. removed front carpet with foam underneath to dry (soaked) 2. removed front seat 3. removed rear bench...
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    WOW W124 e200 for nearly 6k!!

    Is he a dreamer? 1995 Mercedes E200 Auto | eBay
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    W124 intermittent vibration at higher speed

    Hi all, so i do get as in the title above 65mph, you can fill it through chassis and steering wheel. before anyone say it it's not anything suspension/steering related as it has been rebuild, it's not wheel inbalance as I just changed to diffrent wheels (balanced) and same with both set ups. I...
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    W124, W201 parts clear out

    Here I have the following: 1: W124 facelift headlight pair with wipers/ motors £25 each 2: W124 pre-facelift headlight driver side with motor for wiper (no wiper) £25 3: W124 pre-facelift grill no star £25 4: W124 Estate 4-cyl only Antiroll bar with new bushes £20 5: SLS/ASD fluid reservoir with...
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