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  1. 91dm

    W123 vs W114 handling

    I wouldn't use sporty to describe my 114 driving characteristics but I don't really have it for that reason. I think they both compare badly to modern equivalents.
  2. 91dm

    2005 w203 220CDI Automatic Tunning - is it worth it ?

    I think you've a good base to start with and like you said, now is the opportunity before changing to something that you want to leave alone or is more valuable. Here's my opinions on what you listed: 1. Air filter - wouldn't bother it makes very little if any difference, does alter the...
  3. 91dm

    WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD Mercedes engine

    Yes I would leave it alone and just keep checking if every few months to monitor and make sure it's not leaking. The first give away is a smell into the cabin.
  4. 91dm

    WJ Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.7 CRD Mercedes engine

    What did you do in the end, re-use the bolt?
  5. 91dm

    R129 300 SL Registered 1990

    Welcome to the forum
  6. 91dm

    ML270 CDI+ Project Build

    The job for today was to get the turbo off and tap the manifold for a EGT gauge. Access is good with the wheel off, lots of room to access the turbo/manifold etc. One manifold stud broke on me but I'm blaming the previous owner, that port was blacker than the rest so I suspect it was...
  7. 91dm

    Vibration from steering wheel at motorway speeds ~ SLK

    I guess it's got a staggered set up so you can't swap fronts and back. I would put a spare rim on the one that was buckled to see how it drives to completely rule that tyre and rim out.
  8. 91dm

    R129 Dilemma

    No worth investing that money in if you intend to sell, someone will probably buy it as a project and do the work themselves?
  9. 91dm

    ML270 CDI+ Project Build

    Finally all back together and checked over for the first start, all went ok with no leaks! It's definitely happier ticking over now and sounds smoother, less boost/air noises going on. I've moved onto the other side and have stripped most of the air box etc down and left the bolts soaking...
  10. 91dm

    Vibration from steering wheel at motorway speeds ~ SLK

    Does the vibration stay above 60mph or only at certain speeds?
  11. 91dm

    Tidy c55 estate

    That is very nice, very unassuming bar the four exhausts. Wish I had the use for something like that!
  12. 91dm

    ML270 CDI+ Project Build

    All back together, just a new diesel filter to fit and intercooler pipe. I've added a fitting for the boost gauge, just need to find a spot on the bulkhead to get the hose and egt wires through. The fuse boxe looks like the best bet. Quick test drive and then turbo off next ready for the hybrid.
  13. 91dm

    om651 Engine swap - HELP

    Get your own turbo checked/reconditioned or a hybrid turbo would gain better results than the twin set up.
  14. 91dm

    om651 Engine swap - HELP

    Can you get the reg or vin of the crashed van? You'll need to keep to whatever turbo set up your van is, so swap the hole the manifold and turbo from the old engine. Otherwise the ECU will not be able to control the turbo without extra work.
  15. 91dm

    ML 270 CDI / OM612 CDi Engine Service / Spares

    Hello, I'm in the process of doing some work to an old ML270. If anyone has any service items or engine spares let me know! Filters, breather bits, hoses etc. Thanks.
  16. 91dm

    ML270 CDI+ Project Build

    I finally finished another project and made space in the corner to move the ML into so that it's not blocking anything. The inlet manifold has been leaking for along time, I knew it would be a pain to do so was putting it off, it's the first job on the list. I bought the kit off eBay to blank...
  17. 91dm

    Fence paint on car :(

    Clay bar?
  18. 91dm

    W166 Upgrade to AMG seats

    Ideally you need the seat loom and possibly the module to control the electric functions of the seat? It will all tie into the dash switches. I'm not sure if it can even be done without coding in, I've only ever retrofitted options on much older cars.
  19. 91dm

    Very rare 99 W163 ML58 Brabus

    I don't think anyone would argue that there's better value for money jeeps, even a well looked after ML55 isn't going to be far behind in terms real life performance and a fraction of the price. In terms of rarity and having something different, it's definitely on it's own. Most people wouldn't...
  20. 91dm

    Very rare 99 W163 ML58 Brabus

    I thought this might interest a few 163 owners, a very rare ML58. Not sure on the asking price but it would be hard to find another I guess! LINK
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